Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Crossing This Ocean, To a better job

So being a new year 2015 with things looking better in the US
and hoping people will get a job they like this year.
I hope to see more "Crossing This Ocean" to get a better job if they need to!

The days of working in a job that sucks is getting over.
You deserve better like the pursuit of happiness!

The job markets have been stagnant with pay lack of sales, slow growth
as many consumers stay home with lower pay.
It has been like a Ocean! But many now are seeing land.
About time! It's good that people are standing up for better pay making
states take action raising their pay. This is stuff I have been pushing for a long time.
And it is truly awesome!

But I still have to say about living in a small town or living in a state that is against
the mass of low income people. They need to test the waters before they jump
off the deck! Always get the job first then jump! Small towns, and bad states don't
share the wealth with the workers well. And if your state is not raising the pay and
is lowering taxes, the growth will be slow as workers go unsupported and stay home.
It's the other states that raise the pay giving better sales and more taxes payed etc
that will set up the other states to run better. It takes time in other bad run states.

It's ok things take care on themselves the pay will have to go up!
Like in Oklahoma with the gas prices going down and the tax cuts they want to do.
It's pulling down the greedy here overall and talk about unsupported workers staying home
with no sales, as the tax money many need gets cut down.
The poor will just cut their spending to offset the lack of help they get.
It's ok, it's like burning down the weeds making room for grass to grow.
Grass being better pay! Grass don't grow overnight! So give it time, it will get better!

I hope many have a better new year, a new start. In the past I remember a guy at work
in the 90's that was doing a "job rotation." he would work three jobs every two years.
He would work at one place for two years then he would eventually get fired or quit
in that time, then he would work at the other place and in two years move on, then
he would go to the third job and two years move on. Then he would go back the first place
he started in the first place and by then it has been 6 years since he started working there.
I guess it was like a statute of limitations thing relating to his job history.
"When you work nothing is good enough for them, so just work your best
and know it's your best." And rotate! Can you see doing that these last few years!

I had my fun at work! I would like to see fun come back at work!

I hope to see those times come back! The job market needs to change!
Like the In Praise of Idleness: By Bertrand Russell. I believe it!

Also you need to follow your heart. It's a matter of where the love is!
If you found it why leave?

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