Sunday, January 18, 2015

Extreme human Eye Control

There was a guy that I worked with at Walmart that could make
his eyes wonder one eye at one time.

He would do that when a rude harassing
support manager would gripe at him over something.
She would be yapping at him when he would start to make one eye
move around. Doing both eyes was just too much so one worked fine.
He told me she didn't say anything just paused and just went on griping on.
(He tried!)

We made around $6.80+ after taxes in a micromanaged place so you
should not take your job serious like you make $12+ an hour
like they want you to.

But the point of the story is about eye control.
Being able to move one eye at a time at will is not a disorder it's
more of a eye trick. It would come in handy in micromanaged places.
But really it kind of gives me a headache looking at it like it would hurt
to do it too much!

I only thing I did with my eyes when I was a kid was to cross them,
and a trick where I lay in bed with my head hanging over the edge to the
point I get really dizzy then I hold it until it fades away or I can't take it no more.
We all do funny things as kids!

~~~~Moving One Eye Independent of the Other
My grandson is able to move one eye in a different direction to the
other at will. Is this a problem?

Not a problem. What your grandson is doing is consciously focusing the
eyes at near, although actually looking at a distance. This allows him to free one eye
from its tracking connection to the other eye. The eye can then move back and forth,
seemingly not connected with the other. This disturbs the vision in the fixated eye
temporarily and it may shake a little back and forth. Kids use this to amaze their
friends and some circus performers have mastered the technique to amuse audiences.
It is not harmful.

It's amazing how the brain is plastic, adaptive being there is a way to
disable one eye so the other can look around without the other following.

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