Thursday, January 15, 2015

ISIS in the USA and the Pickle

From where I sit, if ISIS makes it's way to the US I really see it
as the worse thing that would happen to you would be a pickle
up your ass!

No really in the US many people have guns, even more like Texas,
Oklahoma etc. Can you see ISIS trying to hold people hostage
at a store in Alabama? I really do think even Granny would pull out her
Colt 45 and shoot back at them! "I seen what you made that kid do!"
Fake or not they pissed off all granny's and mothers all over the world.
Granny will pull out her gun and fire back now if she sees a ISIS!

Also you know the store parking lot would be full
of pickup trucks with people with shot guns etc.
They would have the place surrounded!
"Have no fear the rednecks are here!"

Brooklyn style? Yes, East to West it's going to be the best.
There are many places that will shoot back!

And that is ok! America has and always will protect it's self,
the Government and the People will take action.
America is about freedom!
It's like a time of war really with ISIS and the guns will be
getting out more in the US like they have before in history.
There is a time for peace and a time for war.
If things get bad they get worse for ISIS!

So really just duck for cover and look out for those pickles!
Things will get better down the road and now I hope to see more
countries standing up against ISIS!
Mexico? Pancho villa MF! Ra-tata!

Really ISIS is stupid being what they do and not caring
about the consequences of such actions they are facing now!
They did it to themselves!

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