Saturday, January 3, 2015

Waffle Stomp, Peeing in the sink, Food in the sink

I am sure this story will give you a OMG moment.
Well it should! I remember a college conversation in the 90's
about people that pee in the sink being how lazy it seems to be.
But more to ask in a psychology class type conversation
why people do it vs being caught doing it.
The wife would smell it in the sink when she brushes her teeth,
for sure. DUR!

Also at the time no one knew what a Waffle Stomp was.
Or even if anyone pooped in the shower.

Funny and more funny when the EPA has sensors all over
neighborhoods looking for people dumping oil down the sink.
They all would think it's a sewage leak getting into the water supply
if some one craps a lot in the shower!
Really they did this stuff in the in the 80's me and my friend brought
gasoline to the creek and we dumped it in to the creek setting it on
fire then we would play the boom-box "Smoke on the water"

Funny being 14 year olds but we didn't know the gas was getting sucked up
by a sensor kind of thing. Later that night we where watching the local news
and they where talking on there about a massive gas leak they are looking into
at the creek we play at. My friend called me up on the phone "Holy Shit!"

So really people know people poop in the shower!

I never did poop in the shower or pee in the sink, but when I was a kid me
and my friends where riding our bikes at night in this new neighborhood they
where making. Some real high dollar places three stories high etc cool for kids
to explore! We where exploring this house they where working on it had no
toilet or sink or anything hooked up yet. We where checking out the house
and my friends went up stairs and I was about ready to go up there also when
I had a bad case of the diarrhea! I ran to the bathroom and the only thing available
to me was the floor vent in the bathroom because the toilet drain had a rubber plug
in it and I had no time! The vent was right there close so...

Afterward I didn't tell my friends about it and we all took off.
I didn't want them to poke fun at me. So I didn't say anything.
I found out months later when they put the house together and the
owner got moved in he finally turned on the AC I guess the moisture
in the vent from the AC it brought the smell back to life after a month!

It really was funny "Shit!" Because we still took our bikes over there
off and on seeing what they are doing in the neighborhood,
with me knowing I crapped in that house but thinking it would like dry up
and no one would know! It ended up like a time bomb!
(Sorry whoever it was that had the house!)

Moving on to Food in the sink! That is the most recurring issue people have
in Oklahoma! It's seen as only a issue to the wife because she is the only one
complaining about it. "Food in the sink, food in the sink, food in the sink."
For men it's not an issue being there is always food
in the sink that's where you put your dishes.
And even in the old days before they had dishwashers think how much food
was in the sink at that time. Was it an issue to your Grandma?
Ever heard your grandma gripe over it? NO!

Really it's seen by the men as the wife having obsessive compulsive disorder.
Like how she reacts to seeing one piece of corn in the sink.
And if you go with your wife how much is enough? I mean you can't clean
it with a toothbrush being it will take most of your time and keep you
from functioning. Like at work how is a guy to clean with a toothbrush
he would get nothing done. The boss would come around and ask whats taking
them so long get the work done!

All of this would be over a piece of corn!
That is really life in the country with a lack of
"Don't sweat the small stuff!"

So really the point is to let go the food in the sink issues. Let it go!
And also moreover don't poop in the shower etc! They know!!!

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