Saturday, January 24, 2015

Thanks past dude, you gave me $20

The things you think about in college, stupid or smart, they do have a purpose!

There is a trick I used to do back in the late 90's.
It's like giving yourself a time traveling gift into the future, from the past!
And when you find it, it's like saying "Thanks Past Dude!"

I think it came from some stoners in a physics class sometime ago.
I don't really know but I remembered about it, so I did it a few times.

All you do is, after winter is over and before you put up your
winter jacket you put a $20 in the pocket then put the jacket
out of sight. You will forget about it in about four months so when
winter comes at a time when you more likely need the money
there it is for you.

It's also like testing yourself, like if you find the $20 and you are
still down that tells you that you do need some antidepressants for a few weeks.

But overall finding $20 is cool and is like a time traveling gift!
Give it a try!

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