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Sun Ra Equation

I wanted to do this story for a long time, but didn't know how to write it.
Many peoples view of Sun Ra was not so good at the time but keep in mind
they where judging him from a time of non enlightenment, look now into
the 21st century with him he is norm!

"In October 1942 Blount received a selective service notification that he
had been drafted into the Military of the United States."
"Blount responded that if inducted, he would use military weapons and
training to kill the first high-ranking military officer possible.
The judge sentenced Blount to jail (pending draft board and CPS rulings),
and then said, "I've never seen a nigger like you before";
Blount replied, "No, and you never will again."

When one knows of ones destiny or know they are needed more than to
be a pawn in a war. (Make others fight the war for you!)
you tend to stand up for yourself and it does not make you a crazy.

"Psychiatrists there described him as "a psychopathic personality [and]
sexually perverted" but also as "a well-educated colored intellectual"

Sexually perverted? That depends what time you are judging him by.
The 1940's you where a perv if you where a sight bit off, but in the 1960's+
you where norm as things go higher and more norm with education as you
recognized things for what they are.

But more likely he did what Jimmy Hendrix did to get out of the draft,
he ran around in his underwear and kissed the colonel on the lips
and that got him out of it. A few did stuff like that to get out of the draft!

So the point don't judge Sun Ra without thinking about things!

~~~~~Sun Ra
Controversial because of his eclectic music and unorthodox lifestyle, and claiming that
he was of the "Angel Race", and not from Earth but from Saturn, Sun Ra developed
a complex persona, using "cosmic" philosophies and lyrical poetry that made him a
pioneer of afrofuturism. He preached awareness and peace above all.
He abandoned his birth name and took on the name and persona of Sun Ra
(Ra being the Egyptian God of the Sun), and used several other names throughout
his career, including Le Sonra and Sonny Lee. Sun Ra denied any connection with his
birth name, saying "That's an imaginary person, never existed.
Any name that I use other than Ra is a pseudonym."

Finances and his increasing sense of isolation are believed to have been factors in
Sun Ra's leaving college. Perhaps more importantly, he claimed a visionary experience
as a college student; it had a major, long-term influence on the young pianist.
In 1936 or 1937, in the midst of deep religious concentration,
Sun Ra claimed that a bright light appeared around him, and, as he later said:

My whole body changed into something else. I could see through myself.
And I went up. I wasn't in human form. I landed on a planet that I identified as Saturn.
they teleported me and I was down on [a] stage with them.
They wanted to talk with me. They had one little antenna on each ear.
little antenna over each eye. They talked to me. They told me to stop [attending college]
because there was going to be great trouble in schools.
the world was going into complete chaos...
I would speak [through music], and the world would listen. That's what they told me.

Sun Ra said that this experience occurred in 1936 or 1937. According to Szwed,
the musician's closest associates cannot date the story any earlier than 1952.
(Sun Ra also said that the incident occurred when he was living in Chicago,
where he did not settle until the late 1940s). Sun Ra discussed the vision,
with no substantive variation, to the end of his life.

His trip to Saturn allegedly occurred a full decade before flying saucers entered public
consciousness with the 1947 encounter of Kenneth Arnold. It was earlier than other
public accounts: about 15 years before George Adamski wrote about contact with
benevolent beings; and almost 20 years before the 1961 case of Barney and
Betty Hill, who recounted sinister UFO abductions. Szwed says that,
"even if this story is revisionist autobiography. Sonny was pulling together several strains
of his life. He was both prophesizing his future and explaining his past with a single act
of personal mythology."

****This sort of points to something like Gospel of Judas.
'The author argues that God is essentially a "luminous cloud of light" who exists in
an imperishable realm.'

Or it could be just a plain 80's type of OOBE?

Looking at this with eyes like the 21st century he might of went there!
Anyway you see it, I hope many get interested in Sun Ra!
Well life is short so get reading about him!

"Sun Ra thought avant garde musicians typically took themselves far too seriously."

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