Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Cheap gas is saving who?

As you might of known gas prices are saving people $750 a year.
But you need to note the poor like me don't drive much!
I save $240 a year on gas now, or the amount to feed a few people
for like half a month. Most here in my town make $7+ after taxes, but
Places like Walmart are working on bringing it up.

I even had to hyper-mile my car a lot because I had $16 to last me
two weeks being I put in no more than $15 of gas at a time in my car.
Driving with the engine turned off and in neutral gliding down a hill
saves me money that was how I made it.
Lower gas prices keeps me from doing that lately but
it depends on how much I have in the bank.

It's like how credit is viewed by the poor. It takes money to have credit
because you have to buy something. And we don't because we are broke.
So it takes money to burn gas and we are broke so we don't get around much.
Also to the fact many voluntarily repossessed their car for rent / food money.
Or their car blew up and they can't get a car loan being "Your income is too low."
Like those stupid signs on the car dealerships about "No Credit No Problem."
Well yess there is a problem "My income is too low!" and to the fact the
tags for the new thing would cost as much as my pay check!

Used cars in Oklahoma have around 150,000+ miles low.
The tags might be like $300+, the car payment $160+ insurance being
it's item of the loan the full coverage would be like $130 for me.
And I only make around $7+ after taxes so do I want a car?
That is why most people walk in town they can't get a car!
Or like me still drive their car even though it only has two forward gears left
and it does 70 mph in second gear and I can make it backfire real good so it's ok!
Many drive falling apart cars, like a Mad Max movie! I do count them as I drive a long
there are too many to count. And is cool totally Mad Max hard core!

I really see the car buying days as over for me. I am really looking now for a moped,
that I could hack up to 80 mph so I can drive town to town. Really! It's cost effective.

So the point is my spending is going down because I don't have a lot to
spend in the first place! The gas prices don't help the most of the poor that
walk without a car anyway.

Low payed people don't spend we shut everything down.
We take everyone down to our level and it's like the movie Mad Max,
it will get that way with us poor in time. It's already getting there like it
if nothing will be done. It's common sense that cheap gas it not the help better pay is!

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