Thursday, April 23, 2015

School Employees Liability Protection What?

School employees will soon be protected from liability for acting in their official duty
at school functions under legislation signed into law.

Why are the Teachers doing the job of parents? The Teachers need to use force
on the bad parents get them to do something about the bad kid.
Anyway with the state law messed up you know the parents have rights in America.
This law would be with holding their rights, so the federal side will take over in that.
It would be a federal case being the state won't follow the federal law!
You can't mess with someones kids if your not the parent.

The state in Oklahoma is corrupt. As in our state superintendent she is a puppet!
She was a Teacher and she said America is based on religious principles,
is ok with Bibles in the school? It's not! There is a separation also.
If you can't follow the rules then the rules follow you!
Let the churches pay taxes and follow the law. Like Render to Caesar!

The many saying they are losing their religious rights. It might be as a holy roller
that goes to Church and never reads the Bible wanting to pass some law in office.
I hope they go to hell! I say that because they are leading people astray.
Religion is changing your not loosing it. It's like The cleansing of the Temple!

She also wants to raise Teacher pay, with a Governor that won't raise anything.
In fact our Governor would say to lower the Teachers pay to make them more
competitive! Our Governor is a TeaBagger dur!

I would not trust the state more than I could throw them!
The Teachers had a rally at the capital and our Governor ran away
from it. DUR! It's ok for Teachers to use force against the capital!

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