Sunday, April 12, 2015

America: What Time Is Love?

You might remember that song from the 90's from KLF
"America what time is love" You know the one that Glenn Hughes said
saved his life from drugs and we all are glad he didn't end up like
many Rock Stars. He had many worried at the time!

That is awesome and a good point to this story. Learning from your mistakes
and from that you know what to take serious and what to take as trivial BS
because you been there seen that, there's nothing there so you know it for
what it is. You know what is important and what is not!

And another part of this story is what many don't seem to
know. I didn't! Kind of a where are they now story,
that kind of blew my mind when I found out.

The Female member of The KLF, Cressida Cauty
is now the Female member of The KLF, Dr Cressida Cauty.
She has a PhD and is now into cancer research.

"The ex-wife of KLF’s co-founder and artist Jimmy Cauty, is coming to the 
end of her PhD studies at the UK's University of Brighton’s School of Pharmacy 
and Biomolecular Sciences, where she has undertaken ground-breaking research 
into liver cancer."

Now the point of this is point one can do better for ones self.
Like for a kid in school won't always be a kid in school.
There are better things ahead of you. And you just need to look ahead,
know what to take serous and what to take as BS so you can get there!
You know you need to get out there and do your part. I do!
What Time is Love? When you get going that way to do your part, whatever it is!

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