Friday, April 24, 2015

Balance In Your Life?

No matter what road you are on, or what four stop you end up at in some
path of your life with everyone looking at each other at that moment.
Such out of anyone's hand as the galaxy itself put all there, such a time for
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy!

But the point could be a light pointing for the need for more balance in your life.
Life has it's strange eddies they are needed and sometimes you have to
go with the flow and find balance! Follow your heart.
A happy soul, smile is valued more than gold!

~~~~~Do You Need More Balance In Your Life?
From a holistic perspective, there are many ways to identify an imbalanced state.
You can be mentally, emotionally, or physically imbalanced. You can also have an
imbalanced lifestyle in general or an imbalanced approach to different areas of your life,
like love, career, or family. When it comes to optimal health, the goal is to attain balance
in all levels of your self and areas of your life. This is a key component not just for health
but also for personal fulfillment. But what does that mean and how can we go about
achieving balance in our lives?

In order to have balance you must put things in order. To do this, stop and think about
your life and how you lead it. When you do, you will start to see what the people, places,
or things that are causing chaos in your life are. With this awareness, you can then put
things in order, which will inevitably include doing some spring cleaning.
Things that don’t fit you (or fit in with your life), and things that no longer serve a purpose,
must go. Your environment is a reflection of your internal state, so, if you see clutter,
clean it out, maybe even rearrange some furniture or throw some paint on the wall.
Balance means peace, so this also includes letting go of people that bring unnecessary
drama into your life and that you cling to even though they are no longer in harmony
with who you are. It also means maybe even designing a new life plan to work on,
seeing what you need to do to achieve your goals, and managing your time
according to what you truly want to accomplish. If you feel like the white rabbit
in the movie Alice in Wonderland, it’s time for you to choose your top three
priorities, make a daily schedule, and focus on getting things done that matter you.

Food can also be the culprit when it comes to lacking balance. Mental and emotional
imbalances are generally caused by a mineral deficiency due to poor diet choices.
Reevaluate the physical aspect of your lifestyle from the foods you eat that may
harm you and the amount and quality of rest you get, to the movement and
exercise you incorporate weekly.

You will feel the difference in your quality of life when you are in balance. Simplicity,
honesty, integrity and balance are transformational tools in your life, and they bring you
health benefits along with a sense of empowerment.
Take charge and be the catalyst of change in your life!

Balance is Zen!

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