Sunday, March 1, 2015

Health insurance hinges on Supreme Court case

Being what is at stake if the Supreme Court case about the tax subsidies
goes bad. I really do see a fire.

I am sure you by now kind of see what will happen if they stop the subsidies.
The question is how many will drop their insurance with no more help with it?
That number can go up to the 100 millions+ 300 million if all hell breaks loose.

Just to the fact how much will it cost now to cover all those uninsured if the
insurance companies will still be running from all of their losses of payed customers.
Also how will the stock holders of pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies
react to seeing most walkaway! Will they all pullout their stocks we are talking
about a lot of uninsured here! I would if I had the stocks!

"Furthermore, nearly 160 million Americans with employer-based health insurance
are only a pink slip away from losing their coverage. Every one percentage point increase
in the unemployment rate is associated with an increase of more than
one million uninsured."
But it's the fact they will ask why do I have it I can't afford it or afford to use it.

Or to ask how many hospitals are going to close with most people with no insurance?

If the subsidies are struck down I can see bad like in Oklahoma we would have a
bad competitive advantage in attracting jobs because the labor pool will drop.
Who will pass the background check? Workers do get too poor to work!
Sort of like trying to get a loan. "Sorry your income is too low!"
Impoverished consumers also! And here we go again,
"Why make it if they can't afford it, layoff everyone!" The job losses.

So really if the Republicans are really that stupid then stupid happens.
Get ready to take care of yourself with no insurance! Yes you can!
At least you will get a bigger paycheck, still won't cover the DR bill
or cover the up-going cost of life but really don't fear.

"This year, only 13 states and the District of Columbia have their own exchanges.
People in Oklahoma and 36 other states who buy insurance on the individual market
do so through an exchange a marketplace operated by the federal government."

So there are just too many that will drop and...

"More than likely, Obama and the Republican-controlled Congress would have to get
involved if the administration loses the case, if for no other reason than to protect people
from the law’s penalties for not buying insurance."
(There won't be much left anyway!)

Really you need to take care of it yourself from people that are clueless.
Why suffer to make them go high? Fix it yourself and stay home more
on the weekend, adapt and make it. 

If "The roof is on fire" it's going to go anyway because of the Republicans,
so really I see it as you can't have the good without the bad.
The poor will be ok. The poor like me would just fix it myself sort of like I have already
been doing. And cut bills to get more money to keep going, no more sales!

It will burn in the hands of the Republicans, sort of like the song
when in view towards the stupid Republicans!
Like they wanted it to burn and it will along with their checkbooks more likely!

So take care of yourself and...


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