Thursday, August 13, 2015

Everyone has a secret life, and that's ok

I guess it's just to the fact people don't want to know, or are clueless,
or put their nose in people's personal lives! People do have secret lives.
Like if years ago you where ever since in love with a Nurse Diesel.
And being true if you are single and you see her around somewhere you
would still hit on her, seeing her as a keeper! But then that is the TMI going into
private life! And others at work said you two would be good for each other.
As like her having a bad day and others at work wanting
to lock you in the closet with her. "Don't come out till your done!"
Funny but really that did happen to me once with a Angie Dickinson lookalike
I been in love with ever since the 90s.
(She was trying to quit smoking had a bad day!)
The boss threw me then her in the closet I cushioned her, the boss held the door shut.
Nothing happened, but I did say "We can't do anything with you standing there!"
She was married herself and I was only supportive to her,
but going there would be like TMI.
I love everyone timelessly, no hate! And you love who you love. Love and support!

So peoples secret lives are to their own! And the point is do you really want to know?!
Like what if I say I'm writing this story naked at home! Would you really want to know?
(Depends on the type of lady reading this but mostly no! And I'm not anyway!)

So the secret life people have is probably a bunch of TMI!
But that is ok it's called being human! And for others they need to ask
do they really want to open that can of worms?

It would be best to treat others with respect and to put it out there as
it's best said IT'S NONE OF OUR BUSINESS!

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