Monday, August 10, 2015

Ferguson a turning point

What is going on in Ferguson is not going away!
To me it's the main issue of low pay, unless you are a conservatard
Mostly known with a Tea Party sticker on their truck,
and in that makes a good point of who is running things in small towns.

City council meetings closed to
the public and for the rich only
like they where doing in my
town until the last 6 years.
The Chamber of commerce,
also for the rich only no
inclusionary zoning there
pushed! Also in those meetings
there are other meetings that
get to the point. How to clean
up the town etc. Small towns
are the most corrupt.

Look into the past! Like why the rich wants small government like having
less security cameras around!

The poor in Ferguson are getting arrested for issues with low pay being
you don't see the rich getting arrested for driving with no insurance and etc.
It's clear to me, rich people don't shoplift at Walmart by the masses.
Also like in many small towns in the past they want to push the
poor out, like magical thinking like they will just disappear, they don't!

Small towns in Missouri has always been bad on the poor, like noted how
people like in the City council might of came from another small town like a
con artist. It has been a common thing in small towns for a long time.
Or it's like the reality of low payed jobs by the numbers adding up, you get
the most of the people that can't get a job anywhere else and they end up at
the low payed jobs (You get what you pay for, and thank god that brings up the pay!)
It's the same for city council, in that way and just because it's easy money.
It's harder to skim money if there are smarter and more looking eyes around!

Missouri is bad on the poor as noted the recurring issue of the poor locking up their
kid in a child proof room with food, drinks and a TV on up out of reach.
And the parents going to work checking on the kid at lunch then off to work again.
Because the poor can't afford a baby sitter. It's a hell relating to the pay being low
making parents not act normal. The end of that road, the question to ask is why does
that happen? Then it ends up to the lack of pay.

What is happening in Ferguson will grow outbound as towns like mine get more
divided, the road out of poverty is higher wages that match inflation.
Gas prices are going down but you need to note the poor don't drive around
like the rich guys do. The poors view is it's to far to drive, why burn up $2 of gas
to go to a Q.T and get a dollar drink when that is all I can afford!
Or even if you have a car! The point is noted!

And that is going up the pipeline, the City council.
The Chamber of commerce is more likely acting like con artist to the poor!
And what the poor is doing is justified, but needs to go to the point, not the cops!
Who is telling the cops to do this? Also the cops need to stop. It would be within
their better interest, to have the City council looked at!
And the poor needs to get up and make that call!

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