Monday, August 31, 2015

It's alright

We all have those days where you are madly in love with someone.
But you also know it's like a tanker of gas going boom, boom because of her stature.
Love sick! Like her walking down the stairs dressed well and with dark sunglasses on.
Talking to me for a short time and almost driving to me to my knees!
She had power! Who wheres dark sunglasses in the building anyway,
it about killed me but I made it. Challenging me was appreciated!
Like her cornering me talking to me for about 5 minutes with constant eye contact.
Again almost driving to me to my knees but I made it. 

It's clear she is not getting the support she needs as most women don't.
They are Poly by nature as men have a one track mind mostly.
And clearly she is not getting support shown as in when I was
not knowing what I was saying that day and as she was leaving the
room she said to lock the door when you leave and I had a Freudian slip
and told her ok sweetie! She then stopped turned around and looked at me
with a big smile! I just called her sweetie for the first time and she was happy! 

Going boom, boom like the time lately I went to Applebee's with my family and heard
some lady tell her husband a ways behind me "Thats the guy that's dating Mrs... "
I heard her name and I turned around it's some people I think I've never seen before
talking about me and her. Funny, it made me smile. Thank you!
So to note I am only like her emotional support! Nothing bad!
I'm not dating her! I want to. But I just want her to smile being supported.
People seem to "know about me and her" so I have to say it's nothing bad.
I am just respectfully in love with a married woman and only supportive!
It's like a realistic self-actualization point of loving.

I just love her. She is married but my heart is hooked
on a different PLANE, something like through space and time!
Plane (esotericism) "In esoteric cosmology, a plane other than the 
physical plane is conceived as a subtle state of consciousness that transcends 
the known physical universe." Quantum Entanglement?
She has stature, she's a alpha and that's ok I need that, it fits me! 
About me? Plasticity! I change to needs and I'm entertaining in a challenge. 
I earned my way that's why I had a $1.5 million dead peasant insurance 
on me in the 90's, correcting for inflation it might be $3 million if 
I was still working there. I'm worth keeping, I am a value!

And I am always willing to be supportive if needed.
If wanted she could take me home with her, I am willing for that talk.
A willingness for the wife to take me home with her to have that talk with her
husband. Who, is who to who, what are you to her? Supportive, stable, long term!
But if not then I'm just happy to be.
I want the best for her! I support her regardless of her being
married. I make it alright for her, that's who I am!
I take away her bad and give her a smile. Balance!
She is, who she is and I am, who I am.
We need each other I see it. Yes or no it's ok it's alright!, just want her to smile!

I love her and don't want her to be one of those crazy old ladies
that are 65+ and stare at all their degrees on the wall and say 
"I worked 35 years and it's just a paper with a date on it, no one cares about it but me!"
"Maybe I should of took him in, he wanted to take me to the burning man to 
ride bikes naked. He wanted to be a great equalizer to me!"
"To let me know there is more to my life than I am living"
It's always good to have one that will make life better for you, crazy or not!

All I can do is throw myself at her feet. 
All I can do is tell her I love her! I have to be real about it.
I would like better for her get a quality of life you will be 65+ in no time!

If you knew the lady I fell for, you would know we would of been 
a good pair! Her actions toward me touches my heart. Actions are louder than words.
Loved and supported she is, or potentially could be like:

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