Saturday, August 8, 2015

The world of Rock,n Roll

I tend to be endless, I know, but it makes good reading I hope.
We all have those days or days, days etc. It's just a point of learning.
If you had a sheltered life how much of a shit hole would that make your life today?
It's good to get out there and do something. It makes a brighter tomorrow.
It looks like Lenny Kravitz is going to get more female fans now.

When I worked in a hotel there was a male stripper that worked there.
He told me a story about this old lady 70ish that kept coming with a change jar.
She was not getting any attention so he knew he had to get it over with so
during his show he went over to her and put his ass towards her and let her shake
the cold quarters in his Brazilian Back underwear. There was so many he said when
he was shaking it you could hear all the quarters shaking around all over the bar.
That made the old ladies day, and in return more women tipped him more
he made more money. So he had a brighter tomorrow.

~~~~~Lenny Kravitz? When I heard about this I knew my old lady would tell me
about it. She likes his old music. I was to move out if George Clooney knocked
on her door so...

Earlier this week, the 51-year-old rocker made headlines when he split his pants
and flashed the audience, showing a lack of underwear and a prominent penis piercing,
while performing in Sweden.

~~~~~David Bowie? Back 10+ years a go I was going to base my hair style on
David Bowie. But ended up with a type of style a Carolina Duck that I seen on
a plate when I worked in a restaurant in a hotel.

Back in the days he was so far messed up with the drugs he
did a record and didn't know it. Not until he had a meeting with the record label when
they went over his works.

At the height of cocaine psychosis, Bowie was so addled and paranoid from drugs,
he allegedly stored his own urine in the fridge in case a wizard stole it.

It’s become a well-worn rock tale, but it’s worth repeating – at a gig in Oslo in 2004,
Bowie was struck in the eye by a lollipop hurled from the crowd. It became lodged there,
before being removed by a member of his road crew. Like a trooper, Bowie then continued
with the show.

Bowie's mid-70s drug use wasn't exactly joyous hedonism. "I didn't really use drugs
for hedonistic purposes," he explained in 2000. "I didn't go out very much. I was really
just working. I'd work days in a row without sleep."

At the height of his cocaine addiction, during the 1974 ‘Diamond Dogs’ tour, Bowie
weighed just 95 pounds and supposedly lived on a diet of peppers and milk.
All the major food groups covered, then.

~~~~~Cooper? Alice's version of the infamous "chicken" incident at the
Toronto Rock n Roll festival in 1969 was that someone from the audience threw a
chicken on-stage and Alice, thinking it could fly, threw it back over the audience
expecting it to fly away. Instead, it fell into the crowd and the audience tore it apart.
However, the next day, the headlines read: "Alice bites head off chicken and
drinks blood". Frank Zappa told Alice not to deny this story because he said you
can't buy this type of publicity!

~~~~~Wasnatch? Need I say more OMG!

~~~~King Kobra? The singer Mark Free became Marcie Free. And was commendable for
taking such action being from a Rock, band!
Suffering with gender dysphoria all her life, Free came out to the world as Marcie Free in
November 1993. In 1995, Free retired from the music business and moved back to Michigan
to be close to her family.

~~~~~Ratt - Robbin Crosby? Sad times! And I hope to put a light, why to not do that!
It would be like another Ratt EP in life that way with the drugs!

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