Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Pro Thunderball

In my life I been everywhere, seen a lot, so I don't take life serious.
Looking around me sometimes I see the need for Pro Thunderball to put the
missing pieces of the puzzle together. I know I've been there myself!

I don't know it's like soccer, soccer, soccer... zzzzzzzzzzz! I agree!
Even golf, bowling, for god sakes is boring!
Give it when I was in middle school they had bowling for kids and the time
my finger got stuck in the ball once and when I threw the ball the ball took me
with it thus making all the other kids laugh at me. Sometimes the ball made a
champagne cork pop sound after I threw it because my finger came out of the ball.
Cool when you are 14, but really, what it is, is what it is, boring!

It is boring these days! It's like trying to watch DR Who on PBS in the 80's
only to fall asleep before it came on because NOVA was on before DR Who.
The blah, blah, blah put you to sleep all the time making you miss DR Who!

So really I do hope to see more fun in sports to lighten it up!
Kids need more fun these days!

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