Monday, October 19, 2015

Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders and time for a Socialist President

Joe and Bernie and Hillary is the most possible candidates that I see right now, why?

Hillary has issues in her past, as she was working at Walmart
corp in the times when Walmart was screwing the workers anyway they could.
"Mrs. Clinton’s six-year tenure as a director of Wal-Mart, the nation’s
largest company, remains a little known chapter in her closely scrutinized career.
On other topics, like Wal-Mart’s vehement anti-unionism, for example,
she was largely silent, they said." She has learned from her past I hope as times change.

And we are in the red zone as you look at the data.
"The other wealth gap—the 1% vs the 0.01%"

The issues of that? Going down the line, the poor spends what they earn.
So being their pay is low the divide is big and the money going from the poor too
the middle and 1% is shrinking. So the divide of the 1% vs the 001% is growing.
Take from the 001% and give to the poor sends the money back up the ladder.
Really the 001% has enough and this is the time that it should not be tolerated!

The unspoken about the 001%? I will say it, it's the issue they might pack up
with all their money and buy a country and say $#%& you to the US!
But also noted in doing that it will mess up all globally and that is a action
to itself much like global war! It won't be tolerated globally, just by the
mass effect of it happening! I am talking the whole world!
What is hell worth a long time burning or $#%& it and go for it,
get it over with! That 001% just became Osama bin Laden and
the world is looking for them not just a few countries!

I am saying it will be so $#%& up most countries will crash and
the country that won't crash is the country the 001% bought and
the world would invade it! Really, I am for real! Think about it!

But more likely the Commerce Clause or Necessary and Proper Clause
will pop out and the US would keep the money from leaving with 
full obvious authority of the united states, as it would be yes or broke!

The blame for being poor? There are many that point at a lack of education.
But the divide is too far to afford the education and with one you still have the 
gap that is there making it unfordable in the first place. 
Education? Who's going to pay for that? The workers are too are too busy 
holding on the handle going to hell in a hand basket. 
These days the income comes first then the education, the divide is too big!
Kids are gong homeless to cut their cost for college!

Also blaming strangely enough on lower income family's pointing to
single patients with kids. That is not a point cause of poverty but a
reaction of poverty. Hell is a married life in poverty. The fights over money
the inability to let it go and live within your means. Or within your means with no 
AC all summer long in a 85 deg apartment. There will be fights and any man
would say $#%& you and run! In hell that is norm! 
Poverty caused the mom to be single!

All of this should not be an issue in the first place! Republican, moderate, to liberal,
it's not working the divide is worse! In that I hope you see the need for a 
Socialist President! It's like in view of a French Revolution here!

Am I a Thomas Paine, in the A$$ I hope so if people will think about what is needed
in the US being what is not being done. We are not kicking the ladder enough!
And it is time for a Socialist President in all times there are times to pull out your guns
and fight for the nation, this is like such action needed! We will not be Socialist all 
the time after. It's the point it's needed to save us!

And I have to note I also want someone who I know will have a good foreign policy
and both would be good.

These are changing times, changing as we all are more connected than we ever been.
If those country's go down we will also, in the effect of a stock market crash,
with sudden inflation hikes because of everything getting turned upside down.
Also the days of America coming in and taking over someones country is going away.

Like in "Unlike many far-left liberals, Bernie Sanders endorsed the air strike efforts on
ISIL, but the independent senator believes that it should not be a U.S. led effort."
"If the Middle East people perceive this is the United States versus ISIS,
the West versus East, Christianity versus Islam, we’re going to lose that war.
This is a war for the soul of Islam and the Muslim nations must be deeply involved."

If we learned from the past over there we have to change what we are doing!

Bernie Sanders is a well-known supporter of a two-state solution and has in the past
been very critical of both Israel and Palestine. According to On The Issues,
Bernie Sanders has shown a pro-Arab, pro-Palestine voting record.

That is true and people should note when Israel was talking at the UN they
said it should be war crimes for the Palestinians for putting their weapons in
schools. But Israel didn't have to attack the schools killing children.
Luke 6:31 and Luke 6:30
Or noted how Israel spies got their nuclear weapons technology from the US.

Joe Biden's foreign Policy, is real also!
US and Russia can disagree and still work together - When we came into office
two years ago, our relationship with Russia had reached a low point.
The war between Russia and Georgia played a role in that decline, but even before
that conflict erupted in August 2008, a dangerous drift was under way.

While we no longer considered each other enemies, you couldn't always tell that from
the rhetoric flying back and forth. Ironically, this came at a time when American and
Russian security interests, as well as economic interests, were more closely aligned
than ever. That's why Pres. Obama made it a priority to reset our relationship with
Russia and asked me to launch it just three weeks into the new administration at the
Munich Security Conference. I said then that "the United States and Russia can
disagree and still work together where our interests coincide.
And they coincide in many places."

We focused the reset on concrete outcomes that serve both countries' interests
"win-wins," as President Obama calls them.

New World Order should not mean US fights for the UN
Kuwait, with a January 15 deadline. Biden expressed concern that the president
had changed and broadened his foreign policy goals in the Middle East.
"We talk about a New World Order," he said, "A Resolution 678 authorized
member states "to use all necessary means" to force compliance with the
UN demands for Iraq's withdrawal from You go get them; we give you the
authority to do it.' That is the essence of that New World Order.
That is not a New World Order I am prepared to sign on to.
"New World Order in the United Nations and collective security adds up to
We will hold your coat, United States.

Joe and Bernie is the most possible candidates! So realistically you will have to
look into the candidates for yourself.

I stand by Joe for a candidate in 2016 I would like to see him run!
He earned it! But that is me, as for you, it takes you to look into who you like.

Note all will have a foreign policy. Unless we are in a fire will the first thing
a candidate will talk about would be foreign policy.
Not talking about it now does not mean the candidates are isolationist!

Joe's numbers will go up if he decides to get out and run!

Joe Biden has the endorsement of me and my brand "WalmartRamen" if he decides to run!

Option Z? Donald Trump, the guy that would shut down the government over
planned parenthood. Putting Fear in many elders with heart conditions not knowing
if they will be able to "get their check in the mail" to pay their bills to keep the AC on,
or get their heart meds. Over shutting down a place that would help the poor, educate
and realistically keep things in check. You have to be real, they are out there!

And that is a well noted point. Many people, the GOP, don't like Donald.
I don't know why they put him out in the forefront? Many normal Republicans
are willing to vote for Joe! (Look into it Joe!)

Also with Bernie I say he is needed in a time of no massive action against the
mass of inequality today. A socialist president is needed to kick the ladder.
It is time for a hard socialist in office looking at the inequality issues!
The split is too far overwhelming when looking at how money buys power
to benefit the people with money! The rich don't really care and don't hear the
people way down there!

Joe will be good also! Would that be cool if Bernie adapts to be the vice president
if Joe gets way out there! That would blow my mind! Joe and Bernie for the people!
We need both of them to get the 001% !

Anyway you see it, please get out there Joe Biden and run!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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