Friday, October 30, 2015

Accepting your work family Hotel 90's style

"Some will die in hot pursuit in fiery auto crashes
Some will die in hot pursuit while sifting through my ashes
Some will fall in love with life and drink it from a fountain
That is pouring like an avalanche comin' down the mountain."

You need to love life no matter what it gives you!

Not many people know about how life was in the Hotel business in the 1990's.
Everyone had their private life and it was in view as what happens in the hotel
stays in the hotel. Everyone takes care of each other and or it was accepted as is.
And also we where the talk of the town with all that happened at the Hotel.
It got around!

As for me in the 90's I was in love with a Angie Dickinson look alike a
banquet captain, and most workers knew it. At the time the pay dropped at the
Hotel I worked at and I needed a change of Hotel so I worked at another hotel
for a while. Well a few months later the Banquet manager of where I worked before
was at the Hotel I was working at the time. She told me "She misses you,
you need to come back to her, she's down." Well my love needs me so
I came back, to her and when I first saw her, her face lit up, I think we hugged!
But the point was they took care of her to the point the Banquet Manager told me
what's up! And I am like that I ran back to her being she needs me and I needed her
also! It was only supportive back then. Still love her today I love all timelessly!
But the point is the accepting your work family.

And accepting your work family no matter what they do. As the time a lady that
worked at the hotel got caught in a empty room by a Banquet manager as she was
on a table with her legs in the air and with another worker going at her.
No one got fired! The Banquet manager just told them to "get with me when you are
done." He told them next time get a room because what if it was the Hotel manager
that came in the room, he would of been fired also! And that was it!

You don't really get fired from a Hotel, well unless it's a fire then you can get fired.
There was a gay waiter at the Hotel that had a hard time. His lover left him because
of some "Unicorn Hunters." I think. (So if he took off then it was not meant to be.)
But anyway he went berserk and ended up on the rooftop of his apartment taking
shots at the cops with a BB-Gun. Yes that got him fired shooting at cops
with a BB-Gun! It was funny as hell and noted not a bad thing really!
Just on the part he expressed his deepest emotions and growth always comes
after something like that. It made him a better person after.
Meanwhile it was sort of like this but with a BB-Gun!

When the Hotel I worked at first opened up they had dishes and dishes and supplies
everywhere more than the Hotel needed. 
Until... There was a worker from Lebanon that had a bad day and just let it all out! 
He threw dish after dish at the wall breaking them. Another worker came in and saw
what was happening so he grabbed a few and threw some at the wall.
It was a frenzy for a while. But they stopped and quickly cleaned them up.
All felt better and they where ready to go to work. A fuck you, fuck you
and a new start of a new Hotel! Ah ok I'm ready lets go!

Me? I had a bad day also. Things where just too busy once and a pushed a
Rubbermaid cart full with glasses down the stairwell it was funny as hell,
it bounced down the stairs with glasses going everywhere and I slammed the 
door before it hit the wall and yelled BOOYA! It was there for a week before 
I said well I better clean it up I did it! And in fact I was I laughing my ass off as 
I was cleaning it. It was funny the second time around!

And there was the issue with 911, some of those guys worked at the Hotel.
And at onetime I was alone in the elevator with both of them.

There was a cool guy at work that grew up a lot! Much too fast!
His girlfriend a long term love left him for another guy at work because
she was pregnant by the other guy. If that was not hard to take, 
she ended up dieing but they saved the baby! 
(All is forgiven, as we all really don't know what we are doing!)
He kept his ground and we all supported him. We all felt with him!

Life is life and for the time the song from the Butthole surfers, Pepper
was the song for the times at my work place accepting your work family
the good and bad! Would you want life any other way?

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