Tuesday, October 6, 2015

I am the Bucket Man!

Back in the days of the early Internet the mid 90's or so,
I felt that as the internet was back then I had to promote my website.
And as many did some funny stuff, I did also!

I was the first Bucket Man back in the late 90's.
On paper noted as 08/02/2001 after the update I did from time to time.
But it was made later than that. I made the page in 1997 to 1998!

The bucket man concept before I thought of it as a promotion for my site
was something I made for my friend that was going to teach at a
Hagwon in Korea. I felt he needed something of a light and a fun way to
confuse the locals in Korea! So I put the Bucket Man costume on and posed
for him! I omit what you don't see on the photo above and on the website
is on the TV it was a bad, bad porn video on pause showing something
in a bad, bad place thus the remote for the VCR looking like a turd I dropped!
It was a joke as like I crapped myself! Now look at that photo again,
it's now funny as hell isn't it as the point was to be something to lighten up
a friend heading to Korea for about a year.

Keep in mind this was my college years and in the late 90's
everyone had porn, just some friends had worse than others!
I had to black it out to put it on the Internet.

Later he came back to America and I took him out for the photo shoots
and added more photos for my web page.

I was the Bucket Man and my friend was the camera shooter at the time.
I borrowed my other friends bucket, broom etc for the shoot.
And the rest is history, but not really known it flopped!
But that is ok it's just a tribute in a way to my friends and my character.
My trademark and proof to not be serious.


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