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European Gypsies Roma descended from Indian study shows

Looking to the heart of the matter I knew it, being it does fit that the 
Roma Gypsies came from Punjab India, nor would they be surprised! 
It matches their resilience!

"The researchers believe the descendants of today's Roma gypsies in 
Europe began their westward exodus first to fight in wars in what is today 
Punjab between 1001 and 1026 on the promise of a 
promotion in caste status."

~~~~~Punjab, India: How do other Indians see Punjabis?
Today's biggest non accepted truth of India is
Many Indians Envy Punjabis!

It takes mind of "educated" man to look beyond their small silly things 
and acknowledge their awesomeness.

Punjabis are real gem. I see them as one of the best things India have.
Love them or hate them but you can't ignore them. 
No human, no community is perfect. When non Punjabi Indians count their 
flaws and crack jokes on them on web and portals like Quora, Punjabis are the 
people who are doing hard work, earning huge money, helping everyone around 
them and spreading smile wherever they are. India defeated its opponent in so 
many wars, it wasn't possible without such brave Punjabi men.
Not only India but WW2 also Punjabi men have done a great job!

It is very easy to pass sarcastic tweet or satire comment about Punjabis
on net with small chuckle.

Also it is very easy to run endless argument on internet proving how only  
"some part of India" and it's language is the only best thing in the world
(And showing disdain for Punjabis and rest Indians at same time).

But it takes the heart of the true brave man to be on the bullet showering 
war fields and borders and fight for country and win it too!  
Without Punjabis India would had never survived. Our army is having 
majority of Punjabis. I Agree that one great Indian Scientist gave many good 
missiles but we all know that India never used them and never gonna 
use them in future! Punjabis don't have time to mingle on Quora and 
prove how their Punjabi language is the oldest and purest language in 
the world. They are busy in making money, doing business, creating jobs, 
securing future of their children, protecting people around them and 
protecting India. India would had been affected badly in wars with Pakistan if 
Punjabis were not in Indian Army!

Pakistan was never a weak neighbor!

~~~~~European Roma descended from Indian 'untouchables', genetic study shows
Gypsies have long believed they have origins in India, citing common Sanskrit 
words in their languages and photographs of darker-skinned ancestors in 
South Asian clothes, while earlier research has offered some scientific support 
for their suspicions. Now a study led by Indian and Estonian academics, including
Dr Toomas Kivisild of Cambridge University, has confirmed their origins in the
Indian sub-continent, and even identified the location and social background from
which they emerged.

The findings have been welcomed by Britain's Gypsy Council, which 
said it would help to promote understanding of Roma people throughout
Europe. "We are Britain's first Non-Resident Indian community,"
said council spokesman Joseph Jones.

The study, which was published this month in the journal Nature, examined
Y chromosomes in DNA samples to compare the genetic signatures of
European Roma men with those of thousands of Indians from throughout the

Scientists from Hyderabad's Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology 
collaborated with colleagues in Estonia and Switzerland to compare more than 
10,000 samples, including from members of 214 different Indian ethnic groups. 
They were analysed to match a South Asian Y chromosome type known as 
"haplogroup H1a1a-M82", which passes down male bloodlines, with samples 
from Roma men in Europe.

The researchers believe the descendants of today's Roma gypsies in Europe 
began their westward exodus first to fight in wars in what is today Punjab between 
1001 and 1026 on the promise of a promotion in caste status.

Later, they left to flee the fall of Hindu kingdoms in what is today Pakistan,
with many setting off from near Gilgit.

The exodus to North Africa and Europe suggested they may have been early refugees
from the spread of Islam into the Indian sub-continent. Dr Kivisild said the study 
had provided "evidence for the further interpretation of history of what kind of 
processes were triggerimg these movements".

Gypsy groups in Britain trace their own roots back first to Egypt where they believe 
the name "gypsy" comes from – and beyond that to India. Joseph Jones of the 
Gypsy Council said early photographs show British gypsies with Indian facial features 
and styles of dress until 100 years ago.

He said the new study was helpful because it had scientifically confirmed the 
Indian origin of Britain and Europe's Roma community and that their common 
heritage should be accepted now by newer Indian communities in Britain. 
"We're not outcasts here. I don't care if we are associated with dalits I don't live in 
a community where caste exists. I do feel a bit Indian, I've always felt an affinity 
with Indians," he said. Gypsies were first noticed in Britain in around 1500 and 
acquired a reputation as itinerant craftsmen, traders and horse dealers.

~~~~~Origin of Roma
At the end of the eighteenth century, linguistic comparisons of Romani with
Indic Indo-European languages proved the Indian origin of the Roma.
The following occurrence, which perhaps everyone who is interested in Roma
history knows about, supposedly pointed researchers in the direction of India as
home of origin. The first person to describe it was the enlightened
Slovak intellectual Samuel Augustini ab Hortis in his work
"Zigeuner in Ungaren" (1775).

~~~~~Mysteries of Gypsy fortune-telling
The lot of Gypsy people and the divination can be written about on many more pages. 
To understand, often bad behaviour of that society, you must read more literature. 
You also need to get to know these people. The power of this nation, for ages pushed 
to the margin, is in the nation itself. Those hard times caused a huge will to survive, 
against all odds. Years of living out of law, have strengthened the wits of this nation, 
its cleverness, self-defense deception.

We do not know how many traditions they had left during their wandering life style. 
We know what survived, how wisely they acquired it, staying characteristic. 
Without a settled place, they managed to keep a sense of identity. 
Divination for money came back, won its fight to exist.

***The Romani people have been down a long road, I think it's time
they get their respect for their time to get off the road into happy landings!
"Many Romani refuse to register their ethnic identity in official censuses 
for fear of discrimination." That does need to stop! They need happy landings!
Come down sweet Gypsy come down to where you are loved!

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