Tuesday, October 13, 2015

A screw embedded in the floor of my office

This is one of those sort of quantum entanglement sort of stories.
At my workplace there are some screws embedded in the floor
only at the building I work at. I looked around the whole place at work
over time and only found them in my building!

And with that being in the back of my head for a while I decided
to clean up my floor in my office and sure enough I saw one.
It's small but sliver gray metallic like a nail and it is in my office.

I view it as a strange destiny, quantum entanglement sort of thing!
A placement, road, path through space and time?

It's just that this would not really be a big thing if it was not for my strange
history sort with things. My life is a entangled mess! No kidding!

It might not be my path, but it is a path.
I was always ok with the strange destiny markers,
pointing as they are still there at work waiting.

As in after I wrote this story the next day there was a baseball game going on
and there was a school bus that had a Zebra on the side of it I seen!
I am real about that! Go look at the video I posted.
Then the game happened the next day! MR Destiny is talking!


*Not the photo at work, but to note the point of what I am talking about.

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