Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Quinoa Recipe Cayenne Peppers and Quindim

Among other things I cook! Depending on what it is or what relates.
Cook a steak with lime and cayenne pepper. It's kind of a Brazil kind of thing.
Cook chicken with lemon or fish with Orange!

Spaghetti but with chili, sour cream and cayenne peppers.
Why the cayenne peppers? Others burn me but they never do and
I feel better with them. It's the Capsicum that works with me.

I also have to pass on a Quinoa Recipe I found.
And it's the "Lemon, Spinach & Cranberry Quinoa Salad"
that sounds good to me! 

What is Quindim? It is a dessert made from sugar, eggs and coconut.
I ran across it in the 90's in a restaurant that had a Brazilian chef.
It was one of the better things around at the time.

"Quindim is a popular Brazilian baked dessert made from sugar, eggs and coconut. 
It is dense, intensely sweet and very addictive! While Dora Silva brushes her moulds 
glucose syrup for added sweetness and shine, you could also use melted butter 
or cooking spray."

And yes I sometimes eat ramen also with cayenne pepper and peanuts.

Lemon Jello made with tea. 

But the point of this is really to note not to live in a box!
Life is out there waiting for you, ya know so get out there!

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