Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Finding peac, balance in your life

Have you ever wondered what if ISIS ends up taking over everything
and the US goes poof, no more US so ISIS has nothing to fight
against anymore. Would ISIS find peace or would they war monger
and find something else to fight about?

I see the point of that as just a form of natural selection.
In the end with no more places to battle I do think ISIS would start
to cut off their own heads in protest, ending in no more ISIS in form
with natural selection!

In the mean time everyone does need to find their peace / balance in their life.
To make life better for them and others! As a group we need to help
each other and work as a group, not to end up in Natural selection!

This is more noted as in the poor how they show up at places like the
Red-Lobster and high dollar places dressed bad to get a drink of tea.
Showing their poverty, walking all over town to show their poverty.
Showing the need for better pay like a poverty crusade!
To let the rich know the poor just does not magically vanish, Poof!
The point is to support the poor so they don't bring
everyone down with them! The poor makes you poor also.

So help others and pay people better. You would think people would like
to see the many poor with money to burn! Instead of stay home on the
weekend people with no sales and badly dressed people all over town.
Helping them makes you more sales and money your self!
And does not scare away the rich people!

Paying better makes more taxes payed from the higher wages and more people
with money to burn making more jobs for many as there will be a need for jobs
to make the many things the many with better pay are buying now!
Paying better makes jobs!

So really finding peace, balance in your life makes one great thing in your life.
And for all from better pay!

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