Friday, December 26, 2014

In a world of low pay, Booya! Redneck Innovation!

More innovation is needed looking at 2015 coming!
With my pay I see it as like many poor see credit.
"Don't you want to buy a house?" Not when the banks
underwriter says "Sorry your income is too low!"

Really it takes money to have credit,
and if you can't afford it why would you pay more for it?
If I can't afford it I won't get it.
NO! Better yet I will make it into something I want or
something that blows my mind! That's the ticket!

Innovation needed as in when I was DE-carbonizing
my cars engine before it had 135,000 miles on it.
I have done this many times!

 I could buy Sea Foam for like $11 or do what I did
with much more fun! Buy one bottle of Marvel Mystery Oil
at $4+ and 3 bottles of 70% alcohol for $1 each.
(I get more for the money that way.)
Getting the empty 2 liter pop bottle I was saving
and mixing it all in there shaking it up and with a
small tube attached to a vacuum line of my
intake manifold with me sitting in my car
getting ready to rev my engine up and suck in
some of the mix.

Only to look over at my left to see a rich lady
and her kid in a SUV next to me with mom
calling the cops on me!
How do I explain what I am doing? Im not making METH!
So with that I revved up my engine and sucked in the mix
knowing I don't have much time. Making a big smoke cloud
so I can get away without the lady getting my
license number. Booya! (True story, it's all true!)

When you do that to your car it smokes really bad
afterwords, best noted in the time I did that and
driving down the street gently so I don't smoke too bad.
I finally got to a stretch of road where I could floor it.
So at the stop sign I looked around and seen no one.
So I floored it taking off making a massive smoke cloud
as my engine screamed down the road. (Glass-pack etc.)
When I noticed some kids running back into their house!
They where playing outside when they stopped to look at
me just sitting there at the stop sign.
Only to scream down the road smoking like a beast of hell
looking like a big burnout with the smoke. Fun for a small town!

"Redneck Innovation" is fun! And that is the point,
why do without when you can have a joy in life
making it yourself! Life is good!

I hope more get out there and innovate in 2015!