Monday, March 2, 2015

In a world of low pay a 80 MPH moped

As things are going many like me can't get a car new or used, being mostly
the banks underwriter will say "Sorry your income is too low!"
As for me my car only has two forward gears left and that is ok because
it hits 70 in second gear top speed and that is good enough for town but
for driving to another town is out the car only does 70 mph at 6500 rpm now!

So there are options a motorcycle, if you can find something that fits your pay.
I looked for something like a 125cc bike and can't find any.
Then I looked for a 250cc type there are a few but I hope I can find one
in the time it takes me to pay off a loan I have already and to save money
for the down payment. All in eight months.

But there is an "Plan 9 from outer space." A hot rod moped!
In the 80's many people did that all you did was to change the sprocket
to about the same size as the front sprocket so it was equal and that
would gear you to 80 mph! And cut off the header before the muffler
better exhaust flow takes the stress off the piston rings, makes it run longer.
Next is to "Cut back" the spark plugs making more power to handle the taller
gearing. Also cut the speed limiter. It's different in each brand of moped.
I need to note a two stroke is a freak of nature, a wonder of engineering.

Those where the mopeds that would go BLAAAAAHHH slowly when
they would got started down the road. It took them sort of a long time
to wind them up but they went 80 if you seen them in the 80's.
There is a possibly to get one up to 144 mph by the numbers at 12,000+ rpm!
Sort of like...

And would be funny as hell when you pass people. "I think it was a damn mosquito?!"
But the piston rod could snap and at 12,000+ rpm it's a grenade by your legs!
It's only a 50cc engine with small parts!

For me getting a moped would be the last resort, like when all hell breaks loose.
The moped would be a chainsaw sounding kind of thing and when I get off at work
I could just see like in the news paper in the police reports about a chainsaw
being run at night through town!

It happens, I made my car backfire bad once to see if I needed to change the
spark plugs in it, a few days later I seen in the news papers police report about a
shotgun fired in town in that neighborhood I was driving in.

Also in 1984 I had a moped that I ran it with no exhaust at all. I drove it at night
once and going over a hill my friends heard me 10+ miles away in another town.
They knew it was me because I made the throttle go

But really it's my pay being low, and the moped is my last plan I would look
forward to do. I would be laughing all the time with it!
But hell if you have to get one, get one!