Saturday, March 12, 2016

Edgar Winter

This is just something worthwhile to mention notably no one ever talks about.
When I worked in a hotel in the 90's there was a lady boss I liked that dated
Edgar Winter in her past. Her and Edgar had the same hair.
But she said I reminded her of Edgar being the part he is able
to just do something out of the blue, like to throw something
at him and he would be able to play it. Me I am adaptable like
having Neuroplasticity in my personality.

But being not about me I just had to pass on this info being
I never hear anyone saying much about him and I had
some info so I passed it on being it's cool!

Edgar Holland Winter (born December 28, 1946) is an American rock and blues
musician. He is known for being a multi-instrumentalist keyboardist, guitarist,
saxophonist and percussionist as well as a singer. His success peaked in the 1970s
with his band, The Edgar Winter Group, and their popular songs
"Frankenstein" and "Free Ride".

Winter was born to John Winter II and Edwina Winter on December 28, 1946,
in Beaumont, Texas. Both he and his older brother Johnny were born with albinism,
and both were required to take special education classes in high school.
Winter states, "In school I had a lot of friends. I wore a lot of white shirts to, like,
blend in I guess. No one really gave me a hard time about being albino or taking
special education classes. Then again, I wasn't really popular."
By the time Edgar Winter left his hometown of Beaumont, Texas in the 1960s,
he was already a proficient musician.

I was in special education also when I was in school.
Back then it was for many reasons not because you
where stupid, more of everyone else was stupid sometimes.
Really that is how it is sometimes!

I need to note Winter is a member of the Church of Scientology
but I am not. I am my own in a way! But it makes sense him being there.