Monday, May 14, 2018

The Poor People’s Campaign Now And Why

Poverty is a real issue because that is the labor force.
Who are you going to hire if most of the workers don't have cars?
They show up late and tired overheated from the walk.
It's a real issue as you don't see the middle class working at Walmart.
And so is a issue that will fix it's self as the most just won't have the job skills
for the jobs needed. A lack of funding support in that you get what
you pay for. Low taxes to the poor that takes in more taxes then they pay out results
in the fact that low taxes to the poor is low food stamps so they cut back their
spending to offset the lack of funding! Something goes up something
has to come down!

All in all poverty and surrounding pushes for a correction for foundation
for the poor. A correction as like the poor cutting back their spending wiping
out most stores they go to making cities loose much tax revenue.
You can't spend what you earn if you earn nothing! So there is a change to save
the whole thing, a need to raise the pay or just have nothing.
It's just a matter of time you can't have all the poor just holding their breath
doing without. The cities die and so the poor migrates to do it again.
So there is a point of getting the wages up as those poor take it down with them.

It is about time there is a new push for the "Poor people's campaign" being
there needs to be more light to be brought up about the poor. Higher wages
is a better foundation not letting the masses out there cutting back all and
so not being able to fix their homes so they all fall over in time.
And to is the correction of how to recover from that? Better pay as all of those
people are crashed with no foundation to work.

Arresting the poor is too many and from too far as one should fix the problem
not put then in jail not asking why did they do that in the first place.
A easy cause and effect question that needs to be asked as there is too many
to be put in jail a mass of possible 1 million poor people's march!
The poor does have power!

~~~~~Hundreds arrested as activists pick up where Martin Luther King left off
Hundreds of low-wage workers, faith leaders, civil rights organizers and liberal activists were arrested in demonstrations in Washington and outside statehouses across the US on Monday as they resumed the work Martin Luther King left unfinished.

Fifty years after King launched the Poor People’s Campaign against economic inequality, militarism and racial injustice, demonstrators revived that fight, kicking off 40 days of nonviolent action.

The new effort, The Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival, is being led by co-chairs William Barber, a pastor at Greenleaf Christian Church in Goldsboro, North Carolina, and Liz Theoharis, an ordained minister and anti-poverty campaigner from New York City.

50 years after Martin Luther King's death, a 'new King' fights for justice
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In Washington, the group gathered on the lawn outside the US Capitol to hear Barber declare: “Something’s wrong in America.”

Their action on Monday, Barber continued, was not just a commemoration of King’s anti-poverty efforts, it was a new call-to-arms.

“We are here to have a reconsecration and a re-engagement because you do not commemorate the death of [a] prophet,” Barber said, his voice building as he spoke. “You go to where they were killed, reach down in the blood, pick up your baton and carry it the next round of the way. Now who’s ready?”

The crowd parted and Barber and Theoharis led a procession of activists trained in civil disobedience toward the street, where they were prepared to be arrested. Two-by-two the demonstrators walked, representing nearly three-dozen states and Native American reservations.

The group sang hymns and chanted their demands as they marched toward the police, who had formed a blockade. Barber, in his purple robe, was the first to breach the line and was arrested. Dozens more followed as hundreds more cheered them on from the steps of the Library of Congress. Theoharis was the last to be arrested.

Similar scenes were replicated across the country in North Carolina, Missouri and California. In total, the Poor People’s Campaign said 1,000 activists were arrested nationwide.