Friday, July 6, 2018

Stupid People and Fireflies, Mistaking Them for Alien Lasers

Such a good point in life how to do better, a point to grow!
And so to think about those things that have more meaning in your life. 
Not to wonder aimlessly, "It's a rare, rare, rare thing!" Something my
old lady has been saying a lot lately. She also keeps seeing the clock and it
happens to be on 4:44! I have a recurring number 48 for me.
I have a few red strings of fate with people also. My old lady is connected to me.
Walking to my car once I tripped and when I did she did also like my string
pulled on her. She worked in the town my other red string connections also
worked in or was at, so in reality I have to note it's worth. 

But on the part of taking Psychedelics you need to be thinking about it
to learn about it. Whats the value of it.. At least think about it, just think!

~~~~~Police: Pair high on bath salts fired gun at fireflies, mistaking them for alien lasers. Suspected bath salts, green lasers, and fireflies -- State Police say they're all part of this story that put two people in jail.

Troopers say 30-year-old Jesse Shields and 22-year-old Katherine McCloskey were high on suspected bath salts during a bizarre chain of events early Saturday morning. According to investigators, the pair from Clinton County had a "bad trip" and thought that fireflies were green lasers coming from aliens who were after them.

State Police say Shields fired his revolver in the air to scare away the lasers and then ran to a nearby home on Long Run Road in Lamar Township, where he asked the homeowner to call the cops because something was chasing them.