Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Entitlement? You payed taxes for it!

In the world of the Tea Party about entitlement, like how Liberals want others to
pay their rent. It's like the Tea Party is not able to understand people like Liberals
payed taxes and have a right to use it. It's your money what do you pay taxes
for just for the fun of it? Well I guess in the world of the Tea Party!

It's like getting your pay check then looking at how much social security gets
taken out. And you don't use it when you need it. Like hard work won't kill ya, but
I'm not taking any chances! But in fact they work them selves right into the Hospital.
Really when you think about it! If you work your ass off than how are you to take care
of your kids when you have no ass?
I worked till my leg fell off but at least I got the job done!
But now you have one leg and how are you to get to the finish line with your kids in toe?
Are they going to make it with you dragging them down?
You cant get there so Y'all stuck in the mud!

Now are you to just sit there and let stupid happen?. Teachers in a class with a bad kid
will not! So that Teacher is a bad hateful person for not letting the stupidly grow?
It's like my saying "Always Argue with stupid people because they vote stupid!"
Sort of like how Bush JR got in office! With his DUI any many knowing he was still
a drunk! Look at us now! So are you to just sit there and let him do his thing?
Or just kill stupidly anyway you can, because you don't want to die from them!

Anyway you see it let the Tea Party have it. And please let them know why because
they don't understand!

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