Saturday, January 23, 2016

Effervescent, Nothingness

With me I tend to be a open book. I learned from my past when
I was a kid looking at the now. I was upset over temporary issues.
Would it matter a year from now? Mostly no!
There is gold and fools gold you need to know what is what and
get the gold!

Love is better than that hate! To say I love ya no matter what you are!
Really does have meaning! Accepting people for what they are = gold!

Issues many have today is just like effervescent nothingness and
those issues will go away and you will learn nothing last forever
as those issues where effervescent crap and you went looking for
higher things.

Stuck in your effervescent crap? Whatever, like let it go and stuff!
Would it matter a year from now? Being stuck would be like crying
over spilt milk. Or shoplifting at the Dollar tree! Just know like seeing stolen stuff
at the Dollar tree I will be slapping my chest at you! "Tardy, Tardy, slap, slap, slap!"
as you might go to jail for shoplifting at the Dollar tree and get that other
slap, slap, slap no one wants!

Whats the point? Stop fighting each other and just accept people for what they are!