Monday, January 11, 2016

Wage Calculator and EEK, EEK, EEK

To me it gets funny when I look at my pay well about the math of it.
Oklahoma has a tax rev failure and well it's a duh when you look at peoples pay!
As in taking what you make an hour after taxes being that is what you live on and
dividing it by 60 then hit and miss till you see how long it takes you to make $1.
It's in about 8+ min for most in my town.

At Walmart I took my wages per hour then I divided it the LBS I was working.
It was like $0.0007 a pound. And to do a pallet in 45 min came to be a 100 LBS
per min load because it took you 10 min to take the pallet from the back storeroom
to the aisle then another 10 going back because you have a bad jack "eek, eek, eek!"
Having only 25 min to do the 2500 LBS pallet.

Workload and the pay is all related and if you want to know what you need to be making
to be normal! Like to buy a car without them saying "Sorry your income is too low!"
making you walk without a car then go look up the info.

And know your pay is bringing down the state from the non sales the poor has power!
And also know if you get a good paying job it is just temporary like in my town.
You work six months then they get rid of you to not pay full benefits.
So keep that in mind and don't get a new car you will be stuck with the
payments after!