Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Walmart increasing wages on FEB 20th.

Walmart is raising the wages and that is good as better pay brings better sales and
is better than having low pay and non sales shutting down businesses.
Consumers make jobs! Can't pay your workers with no sales in your store!

This is good and should ease the food stamp use and help in paying for
insurance in states that have no medicaid expansion to help the poor pay for it.
Higher pay is more going into Social Security and to the state.
Being Oklahoma and many get their funding with sales tax, and taxes.
Not on gas prices! You drive to the store using $2 worth of gas to get
$100 of food etc at Walmart what makes the state more money DUR!
This helps.

So getting better pay is a good thing unless you like doing without!
On the other hand Walmart and other places know the pay does have to go up.
Being the wages need to be up with inflation or it will be lower than inflation 
bringing down sales an all other markets. Walmarts have mostly fought any 
wage growth. If you did get a raise it was only $0.10 at the most. 
That being, the lower pay is more for the tax payers to pay for the workers that 
do not get any bump in pay. But now with most states with workers below their 
purchasing power in what they can buy is forcing the hand. 
Low pay = low taxes from the pay.

Walmart cutting the workers hours finding the workers quitting for a better job.
Causing a massive cost to rehire, training the workers if they can pass the
background check. I am talking at about 1000+ of bad workers to get 
2 or 3 workers added then to the turnover of those 2 or 3 workers.
At the Walmart I worked at there was a song many long-timers went by
"Another one bites the dust!" as in they get their first paycheck then they are gone
or got tired of the bad jacks and workload.

Walmart raising the pay is good and for unions if Walmart tries to lower the pay
cut hours being the days today I expect a big battle also from the consumers.
Shoppers also don't like how Walmart is treating the workers but shop there to
keep money going to keep the workers. Yin and Yang!

So the workers need to take the better pay but be alert. If your hours are cut
contact the NLRB in DC not the one in your state and let them know.
The NLRB is on alert with Walmart so keep in touch!

~~~~~Walmart increasing wages; union says it's all show
Starting February 20, every Walmart and Sam's Club employee hired before
January 1, 2016, will earn at least $10 per hour, the company announced Wednesday.

It will be the second round of pay increases, part of a plan to boost wages that
Walmart first announced last year.

The first round came last April. It increased the pay of 500,000 Walmart workers
to at least $9 per hour. After that took effect, Walmart said its average hourly rates
were "about" $13 for full-time employees and $10 for part-time.

The company said Wednesday that the second round of wage hikes in February
will bring the average hourly wage to $13.38 for full-time workers and
$10.58 per hour for part-timers. Walmart (WMT) does not release data about how
many full- or part-time workers it employs in the U.S., but the company said in a
statement that it converted about 150,000 employees from part-time to full-time
status last year.

The group behind Making a Change at Walmart a longstanding campaign for better
employment terms said the pay raises are nothing but a publicity stunt.

"It's easier to find a unicorn than a Walmart worker who has gotten a meaningful raise,
or hasn't had their hours cut," United Food & Commercial Workers Union
spokeswoman Jessica Levin said via email. "America's hard-working families expect
better from a company that makes billions in profit a year."

The organization, along with a coalition of employees called OUR Walmart, have
lobbied the company for a "living wage" of at least $15 an hour.

Related: Walmart will close 269 worldwide, affecting 16,000 workers
The news comes just five days after Walmart announced that it's shutting down 154
of its U.S. locations. That affects 10,000 workers who will either be laid off or
relocated to a different store.

Like most retailers, Walmart suffered in 2015. Its share price dropped 30% over
the course of the year. When the company issued its latest earnings report in October,
CFO Charles Holley said workforce investments like increasing paychecks will put a
dent in its bottom line. Walmart expects operating profits to decrease by $1.5 billion in
its fiscal year ending January 2017.

***Note Better pay is better sales going into Walmart! They get the money back!