Sunday, April 29, 2018

Yue Lao the old man under the moon and Red Strings

I do have a few red strings in my life. I met people before I met them
and my old lady the one that brought me to the town I live in now.
We both where born in the same hospital in the same town different times,
in Ohio! Walking to my car once I sort of fell once and she did also
after I did. Like my string pulled on her string.

A lady love almost ran me over by accident and
on my knees I begged her to come back she took off. Only for me
to work with her later. I first met her in 1996 in another town
in a McDonald's and beyond at different times.

Also I had a girlfriend I also met around the same area in that
town on the highway by the McDonald's in 1989.
I also ended up in the same town with her and I worked with her also
and we had dinner in our car in the parking lot and we seen the 1996 lady,
yes we did!

I seem to be connected to a many. Way out of any of our control.
So I accept it as it is bigger than me!

But who did it? Yue Lao? Don't know! But I accept it for the better!
Lovers... To do with love and better lives!

~~~~~Yue Lao
A legend is told about the old man under the moon. During the Tang dynasty, there was a young man named Wei Gu (韋固 Wéi Gù). Once he was passing the city of Songcheng, where he saw an old man leaning on his pack reading a book in the moonlight. Being amazed at it, Wei Gu walked up and asked what he was doing. The old man answered: "I am reading a book of marriage listing for who is going to marry whom. In my pack are red cords for tying the feet of husband and wife." When Wei Gu and the old man came together to a marketplace, they saw a blind old woman carrying a three-year-old little girl in her arms. The old man said to Wei Gu: "This little girl will be your wife in the future." Wei Gu thought this was too strange to believe and he ordered his servant to stab the girl with his knife.

Fourteen years later, Wang Tai, the governor of Xiangzhou, gave Wei Gu his daughter in marriage. He was having difficulty finding a suitable match of higher standing for his daughter even though she was a beautiful young woman because she had difficulty walking and had a large scar on the small of her back. When Wei Gu asked what had happened, he was told that she had been stabbed by a man in the marketplace fourteen years before.

After ten years and three children later, Wei Gu sought the old man for suitable matches for his two younger sons and daughter. The old man refused to find suitors for his children. During the later years Wei Gu sought to find a possible match for his children but by coincidence, no marriage was put to order.