Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Accepting your wife for who she is crazy, but that ok

With divorce in the high ranges I see it as a lack of trust.
If you don't trust your wife because she is a crazy woman.
The question is to ask is what needs is she missing?
There is nothing wrong with a crazy wife other than not helping her to not be
that way! It's about her needs, caring, love, support and her smile from all that,
everyone would be happy because she would be happy!
Love, caring, support is not a one way street.
It would be like she is tutoring her others, all is good!

Carl Rogers emphasized accepting people for what they are, 
not for what you would like them be.

A husband should know he can't stop his wife's nature.
If she is crazy then you need to ask why? If you can't trust her why?
Because you can't change the problem if her needs are not being met,
the issue for the non trust will still pop up again and again!
It's a living hell for both! People in hell want ice and it's a matter of how long
will they will be waiting for the ice?

If you can't trust your wife, you are going to have to adapt to help and
find a best fit for the situation.

I know this is taboo but times are changing but looking at the nature of a woman.
Let your wife date a person that is long term if there is an issue the wife and
husband can't fix. Why?

It's a matter most women are poly by nature. They require a lot of emotional
support! If her needs are not met, it will be met somewhere else,
thus the main percent of the divorces going on today.
That is how women are! It would be better for a wife to date with the husband
knowing she is with him and not in the unknown.

For a wife to date it needs to be long term date so there is a trust!
That does have trust as a willingness to make it work the work and effort.
Effort as in love a desperate man in love with a married women and is willing
to be able to touch her emotionally be a good influence on her.
In a true light love her in wanting the best for her.
To hopefully point she is worth gold and worth the effort!
To be the healer to her! Knowing she is getting emotional support,
less stress on her of fighting off her husband wanting to control her and her being!
It saves the marriage as there is more support for her.

You just in a way push your wife to a supportive person.
"Do something with her she's driving me crazy!" But you get the point it's about
her needs! If she is happy then all would be happy! 

If you love her set her free, like a boomerang she will always come back to the
husband but as a better person. And that is the point her emotional needs being met,
so she would be not crazy!

And in real life it's not sex, sex, sex it's about talk, talk, talk! Support!

In the end why divorce or live in hell through the marriage?
Grow together! Fix her needs!

And a paranoid husband where is the trust there?
It's something to be looked at the lack of trust, shows the not giving a damn
about the wife's nature. Of course the husband can't trust her in that case
because she can't even trust him! So it all goes to the people wanting ice
in hell. Get out of the hell, work with the wife to best fit her nature!
One should not make a hell for the wife that has her nature,
that is not met! She fixes her problem and it would be best fix to
let her date so the husband knows!

It's ok for someone to love a married woman, love is support, trust and for the better
of the persons involved. When you love you want better for the other that is why
it's called love! You loose nothing and gain better!

*Looking at the issues of most divorces the main issue is needs not being met.
This story is in the light of a growing change, a readjustment of a marriage,
to save a marriage or to keep it sane. It's a common issue today with many!

Im saying not all women stressed in a marriage is crazy, but they could be going
crazy if their needs are not met, or acknowledged, I'm saying that is a time bomb
ready to go off and it needs to be looked at before the wife goes off!
There is a need to help the wife so she can be happy in her needs!

And if the relationship is a green light that it would be something like a
confidentiality, implied confidential relationships or nondisclosure agreements
it's common sense dur! Take him home, home will it be being it's long term!

Please do some reading!

A unhappy woman is fire thus the part getting ice in hell!
Unhappy women are hell believe me!