Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Visual Spatial Intelligence Test or who am I

I was a psychology major in the 90's and I need to note that time was sort of
in the pioneering days in psychology.

So being those times at college I did many test and had others test me being they
found me fascinating. My personality trait is plasticity! I change to needs and 
I'm entertaining in a challenge. If you put me in a challenge I will adapt to fix the issue.
Pull out a leaf blower and use where I shouldn't or kick over a 10 foot high pallet to 
stock the shelves. As I am working on one aisle my mind is already thinking what 
I have to do on the next aisle so when I get there I don't stand around like a 
dumbass. In the hotel business I was used as a emergency to "put the fire out"
to protect the hotels best interest. Hotels had people like that they called along with 
security in the 90's. In high school my friends came to me if they
had a problem. I gave them the answer or talking to me I said something that
turned on their light and they figured it out.

Or adaptive like in the morning after like being hit in the head with a ton of gold!
In the 90's realizing my date, a lady hair dresser, barfed that night on the date then 
took me to a gay bar, I'm not gay she's not gay, it was her security to go there,
she felt safe there and as it ends up there she is in the morning sleeping next to me
at her place with me looking at her thinking about all of this how did I get there when 
she farted in her sleep and being in a water bed I tried to not laugh because the bed 
would swoosh around and I know older cougars don't like to be suddenly woken up. 
So I adapted to her needs and I was ok it's a heck of a life experience for me!
But that is a good point of adaptation in my sort of plasticine personality.

Being adaptive is a good trait, but then comes the part of getting deeper into that.
Partly noted in like the Visual Spatial Intelligence Test - Mental rotation ability.
I am able to see in 3D! "Mental rotation is the ability to rotate mental representations
of two-dimensional and three-dimensional objects as it is related to the visual
representation of such rotation within the human mind."

It's a ability noted in drafting / engineering sometimes. As in seeing the diagram in 3D
on a flat surface. It's handy in everyday life. I do use it for my website when scrolling
fast through the page, I would see the placement of the links and know where the link
I was looking for is at, or where to put the link when working on it.

Also related like reading a book, or using the phone book. It's not that I see those
things in 3D but it's like a 3D tag so I know where it is that I am looking for.
It's hard to explain you need to try it yourself to understand what I am saying!
I know about where it is so from there I go by tag to find it.

Noted IQ is learning relating to problem solving. So you dump a big one on me
I resolve by thinking ahead going beyond my ability normally. 
Like I would put the issue in 3D, what relates to that issue with another issue related 
to each! Then add more! Like a copy and paste kind of thing in my head!
And I would place it as a shape with each side of the shape having a issue.
Yes I would fry if I spent a long time doing that so I don't.
And I don't do this everyday. It's is just something I do to push myself.

It's like a huge wave of amplitudes in the way I push myself in something like that.
Then I learn from that and my IQ just went up because I know something from 
the push that I did.

"The waves associated with, say a photon or a particle, does not tend to dissipate
in this way and remain confined to a region in space. To do this requires an infinite
number of frequencies in a narrow band"
So like in a narrow band I think hard if I push myself! I put what I am thinking about
in something like a confined place. Think about spark plugs. I can look at a spark plug
and see the shape or modification I did to it and see what the combustion would look like.
How open the plug is, what the blowout would be, where the flame front would be going 
confined in a combustion chamber, thinking 3D in my head. Then I dump myself into it!

It's not in a bipolar or other bad modulation ill type amplitudes of brain waves.
It's just normal thinking! But human is human I hit walls time to time and I stop.
When I don't know, I don't know! Looking at my own self I tend to see that I might 
spend a lot of my time in the Gamma waves!

But the point is don't think I am bragging, I am talking about me as in me being a
respected freak of nature. I know I am. There is nothing wrong with that!
It's just how I run! Not that I can help it, running my own OS in a way!
For others not like me please note I have too much background in my life
that I rely on like a database to relate to some question I would be pushed on.
You need to understand yourself and be who you are or see where you can be.
It's ok to push yourself, it's called growth. Get there and learn and grow.
Get fully tested, take a personality test. It helps you to understand yourself! 
It makes life fun!

"Let’s talk more about Plane:
Remember, by definition, Plane is a level of existence, thought, or development.
It really has no boundaries. I know it’s kind of heavy, but I think if we look at
this on simpler terms, the question from me to you is, do you let your mind play?"

The Visual Spatial Intelligence? Try it, it will blow your mind!