Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Fire Into You

A good question to ask is where are you in your life?
Are you a prisoner? You can have a better life!
Life is better with openness to be open with me, you or
where you should! Bring it out of you! That is the heart to the matter.

I am open so for me people can be open with me because
I will understand it! I want freedom for people because life is short.
It frustrates me when you give it everything you got but it bounces off their
head as it goes unrecognized. Not knowing what is gold, the best
thing for you! As in me hitting my head trying to break through in
love with a married lady that I met before I met. Needing to talk being
the odds of how we all ended up in a entanglement.
I accept it being I know this thing is bigger than all of us!
It's worth the fire, the pain, I will never give up as I can't being
how long that road goes and the crossing paths over and over!

This brings up the point of bring out your innermost feelings.
That is better than being in your closet! I agree we all need a archaic revival
because the paradigm today is not working! And that is what this story is about.
Being open as for me I really have no choice to be anyway!
Love is the ruler reaching out for it's other! Needing it's other saying
"I'm so into you!" Missing my dominant... That road goes both ways.. True!