Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Too much fear, dont fear

There is too much fear going on these days. In life how do you know if you don't try.
Me? I am willing to jump noted with a urge I have been thinking about lately.
With a lady I fell for about going panhandling together in another town.
She would have sunglasses on and a baseball cap no one will know her.
Make our cardboard signs and just do it. We could see who made the most money
later. That is about getting her out to the living! To be good for her!
Yes I am for real! That is how I am. I earned my way to be supportive!
But the point is to put away the fear and go panhandling for a short time!
Living a long time! That is better than being that person going to 60 in no time at all,
looking at your wall full of certificates degrees and no one caring but you.
In reality it's just something that you did like 30 years ago long past and obsolete
as progress rolls over those 30 year old certificates and degrees!
At the end of the road those things are a farce! 

A better priceless thing is to look a photo on the wall of you panhandling smiling 
saying I did that! Much better view for the living, not the zombie land of past  
certificates and degrees! Getting out and living is far worth gold, 
papers are just papers in the end!

You loose nothing and gain everything! 
It's a point noted to all for a new year! Things can only get better!

~~~~~Fear of success and fear of failure are, apparently, fear of the 
same thing: fear of the unknown. So I say, don't fear the unknown! 
Everything is unknown until it is known. 
"There's nothing you can do, that can't be done": that's what John Lennon sang, 
and he basically meant that anything is possible - you just have to believe it, first.

Again, not fearing success (or failure) is easier said than done. It is still possible
just take the first step, and then the next...

"Many people are blinded by fear of seeing something different, or of seeing anything 
differently, or by the inability to differentiate between what they know how to see and 
what they could see if they knew how." - Vincent Price

~~~~~Don't be afraid of the words training and work. You are not required to do 
impossible things. A training program for peace of mind starts with simple actions, 
which you can incorporate in your daily life. They include a change of attitude, 
being more positive, developing a certain degree of mental focus and emotional 
detachment, and more. In a more advanced stage, there special meditations aimed 
toward increasing the level of inner peace.

Stress, anxieties, worries, fear and panic start in the mind. 
They start as thoughts, which grow in strength and affect your behavior, 
actions and habits. Your thoughts and attitudes act like a filter, a screen or lenses, 
through which you see the world in a particular way, which does not always 
depicts reality. Your aim is to be more aware of them, and use certain techniques 
to stop their power over you. There is no reason to go on through life being at the 
mercy of uncontrolled thoughts, feelings, anxieties, worries and fears.

You can transform your life! You can change the state of your mind! 
Even a small amount of inner peace would do a great deal to you. 
Are you afraid of some effort? Can't you spare just a few minutes for 
making your mind and life a little calmer, with less fear and worries?
'Peace of Mind in Daily Life' is a book that goes into detail about this most important 
subject. It teaches in simple and easy to follow progressive steps how to attain this 
coveted state of inner peace, right here where you are, without the necessity of making 
any outer changes in your life. True peace starts from the inside, and is independent of 
external conditions.

Tips to help you start:
  1. Learn to use the replacement method, of changing every negative thought, as it arises, into a positive thought. Don't fight negative thoughts, just divert your attention a positive thoughts or mental images.
  2. Write down and keep a list of inspiring and uplifting quotes, and read them several times a day.
  3. Think positive and inspiring thoughts before falling asleep.
  4. Though it might not be so easy, try to keep an attitude inner detachment in dealing with difficult or unpleasant people. Don't take too personally their remarks or criticism.
  5. Don't watch thrillers or action movies on TV before going to bed or falling asleep.
  6. Reduce the number of times you listen to the news on the radio or TV. Know what is going on in the world, but there is no need to constantly fill your mind with news that cause you stress or fear.
  7. Repeat positive affirmations several times a day. Do so also when you experience stress or fear.
    - "I feel peace and tranquility filling my mind and body."
    - "My mind is calm, like a lake on a quiet summer day."
    - "I feel calm relaxed and peaceful."
    - "I am a center of peace, calmness and happiness."

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