Friday, December 4, 2015

Walmart Cutting hours to save money and takes losses to make sales

Walmart is cutting workers hours at some Walmarts.
"Walmart says the cutbacks are only at a small fraction of its stores and are 
unrelated to the higher labor costs."

But yet the cutbacks being "a small fraction of it's stores" you need to note 
Walmart will take losses to make a sale! Many small businesses can't do what 
Walmart does so they go away. Thus the issue with Sprawl
If Walmart takes a hit with the prices being over all, would be a massive amount vs 
wages cuts, and noted why small stores could not keep up being the lack of ability match 
Walmarts cuts in prices. Why is Walmart not taking a hit with wages being a 
small fraction? More workers working is more to the Revenue Per Employee value.
That is $220,737 per employee revenue by the way!
Keep in mind Walmart is pushing the $500 billion sales.
$485.65B Sales/Revenue and $120.57B Gross Income.
and note it's going up, up, up! 

Saving money on the labor cost is not an issue with the sales growth year after year.
The stock market takes hits from time to time and still grows! Walmart is not a bubble!
$485 billion sales $120 billion gross is not a bubble! There is no need for a drop of hours!

If your hours are being cut please contact the NLRB in DC, not
the one in your state! Because of how big Walmart is!
And let them know whats going on and what I said up there.
Walmart makes too much money to cut your hours. Please stand up for yourself!
These are times where you need no cuts!  Phone 1-866-667-NLRB

Workers information is at:

And many others at: ( ( ( ( WORKER RIGHTS, WORK RELATED ) ) ) )