Saturday, December 12, 2015

Cab Calloway Jive Talk

I bet you didn't know I speak Jive! Well I learned it in the 80's as many kids did
after seeing the "Jive Lady" in the movie Airplane. For the time it was the 1970's
type Jive but we learned it was from the 40's! But in the 80's it was funny as hell
talking Jive in school many Teachers didn't know what the hell we where saying,
like "I need be Mugglin" etc, etc...

Jive is funny being it has many meanings for each word. Like "Jelly roll" won't say it here!
And it is funny when you get it! As in saying "My lady, she's married, shes my mop!"
A "mop" is often a reference to another hepster's girlfriend. Like the mob boss's girlfriend.
Saying she is your mop is noting she is worth it, knowing you will in time be axed
and she will have to "mop" up the aftermath! Mob times!
Well there are many women out there that is worth it! You gotta roll the dice in love to get
anything of value! She's a "Barbecue" the girl friend, a beauty! That she is, smoking, humm!
Just saying she is a Barbecue and she's worth it!

Much of the words we all use today. They came from Jive and today I wish they would
bring it back to lighten up the kids in college. I remember Pig Latin in high school!

Now go learn some Jive because "I'm flat nose in the deep fry!"