Saturday, December 3, 2016

Catherine the Great Furnishings and Freewill

I tend to push this out a lot! About getting over your false fears in these times.
In the past people behaved badly. That is the point of freewill!

A quality of life issue today living in hell and how long do you
want to live in hell! People in hell want ice water how long?
And as they just sit there they find out something from their own past,
as in their Grampa went to a whorehouse! Or whatever choice in life
that made a quality of life for them in their past as others today sit in hell,
and just sit there! As in nature two doves off the mark needing to get together
no matter how awkward it is.

Noted even nature has freewill and a quality of life!
There is a old question do animals have freewill or fall into natural selection?
For me I see freewill wins as in nature the animal does not chose to be eaten
so in that natural selection is a reaction from life. Not choosing to be eaten
by the other animal and running is freewill and natural selection is luck of the draw!

Also freewill is also noted human as in working at Walmart!
The boss might harass you with doing reverse inventory but the
worker has the freewill to work slower and do the reverse inventory
getting less put on the shelf and more reverse inventory done!
Yes we did!

Or in love the heart of that matter if nothing to ask if you are a prisoner or
the love would make you a prisoner. Love is there to make you free like
a freewill! So you would have to choose a plane to be on and if it makes
you free... Make that boom, boom! Freewill to do so!

And that is what it's about. How are you living, behind a mask?
It's time to let it go and grab life by the horns! What are you missing?

A noted note from the past from Catherine the Great, get your free will!

~~~~~Rethinking Your Sex Salon Furnishings
We have one man to thank for the fact that these pieces of furniture exist: French master craftsman Dominique Roitel. Working from an illustration, Roitel has done us the great public service of recreating these pieces in three-dimensional form. (The originals, owned by Catherine, were destroyed in a fire by the German Army.)

I was able to speak to Roitel briefly at a celebration for the furniture at the Cote France showroom at the New York Design Center last week. Standing amidst scantily clad women who posed with partygoers as they sipped champagne, Roitel described the painstaking process of bringing these pieces into the world. It all began with his asking himself the question, he said, of whether or not he could, in the 21st Century, “redo the craft” of the originals.

As a result of his commitment to answering that question affirmatively, these objects have not been not lost to history. And commitment it was: each piece took over two years and more than 2,500 hours of carving to create.

They are priced accordingly. The table is available for $169,000; the chair $369,000. The last time these objects were exhibited was at the Palais Garnier opera in of Paris. They are now in New York, on view for the next few weeks at the Cote France showroom.

But the inspiration is free: go forth and decorate your sex salon in a similar fashion. And don’t forget to add “the Great” to your name.
( Warning )-----

Along with free will is the willingness and acceptance for Pride and Joy!
Because all men want to know they belong and need to be told so!