Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Joseph Caiaphas and the two-state solution

Israel has always earned it's way in history and would you expect it any other way!
A two state solution would be good for the whole being Israel is holding much
growth back. No one wants to work with Israel with the issues still going.
They don't know what path they are on so what road to take is not known!
The better road is the two state but if the other is chosen then you would need to
know to defend your likelihood from Israel. As being one state would make
more unknowns.

Israel does need to grow up Benjamin Netanyahu as seen by many is just a cry baby.
As in saying how it is war crimes for the Palestinians to keep weapons in the schools.
So Israel had to blow them up with kids in there. The better option would be to have a
talk about things not to blow up the kids in the schools.
Is it not war crimes to blow up kids?
Well can you see Jesus blowing up the schools knowing there might be many kids in there?

Al-Fakhura school incident. " Israel stated it fired on the school in response to militant gunfire believed to be coming from al-Fakhura. A UN inquiry said that there was no firing from within the school and there were no explosives within the school."

But it's just more of the road Israel is on. It needs to change! Well they did kill Jesus!
Joseph Caiaphas was the one that turned in Jesus. If he wouldn't of... It's Israel for you same as the same needing
a change! Israel does not need another Joseph Caiaphas type in office with not wanting
a two state!

If they Killed Jesus back then and kids in schools now what else will happen?
How do you trust Israel? Good questions that shows a need for a change there!

We don't live in the bible days so now is now, Israel attacked schools!