Friday, December 23, 2016

Low taxes at work be aware

If you make nothing then you have nothing and nothing to be taxed
as you also can't afford it anyway letting it go to match your income.

Oklahoma is looking bad with a budget hole getting to $900 million.
It's Oklahoma having the tax cuts making cuts to the poor that takes
in more tax help than they pay out in taxes, so less help and more
doing without. "If they wanted me to buy that they would of paid me better!"
Also noted as a "Sorry your income is too low! , I don't need it anyway!"
And boom the $900 million loss!

Many out there look at the gas prices making big oil loose money, when
most consumers spend more on food etc than they pay for fuel for the car.
It's a sales tax issue, noted by the people walking with no cars as people
that walk are not good consumers DUR! Low income = Low sales!

Yes they will raise taxes... on the poor! But the poor will just cut back to
compensate or just do without it! As the poor just can't make more money.
Like a tobacco tax being they would just use the food money to pay for it
making less sales in the other places!

The rich would be a better source of taxable income. Taxing the poor brings
down the labor force.

Next year is looking bad! There looks to be too many people in office
that are in the now! They don't seem to know what is connected.
Low taxes is low pay for the government so low pay is nothing.
Expect less, food stamps, college help, help with rent, help with your bills etc.
It's more of a reason to cut back your spending to make it!
Inequality is looking to grow fast with Trump wanting more tax cuts!

This is bad being the masses that will be effected. In my town I see many people
walking without cars. This will grow more next year or not, but the point is
a massive decline. Getting rid of the mandate of Obama Care will make most
of the poor able to drop their insurance for a bigger paycheck.
At least 60+ million and that is enough to kill insurance places and healthcare!
They can't afford to use it anyway why have it?
That would help in more sales but the loss of healthcare effects a lot!
In the workplace all workers will have no insurance so workers comp is a
big issue. Also to say all of the workers moving on to safer jobs to lower risks
being no more healthcare! So it's not about being in the now as it all relates!

And going to college could be bad for Oklahoma also with the $900 budget fail
like it is in Louisiana with the lack of funding.

"The Taylor Opportunity Program for Students, known as TOPS, is one of the most
generous, merit-based state scholarships in the nation. Until now, it covered the entire
cost of tuition for Louisiana students as long as they graduated from high school in-state
and met two academic requirements: a 2.5 high school GPA in core classes and at least
an average standardized test score."

So really all of this needs to be in your mind. As we are heading it's best to
lower your cost in your own house. It's your life so cut your spending!
Keep in mind other college type options. Look ahead! Fuck the "Be in the now!"

Be in the now? Can't make it tomorrow!