Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Normality, Psychosis, Butterscotch waterfall and Julio

Being that I was a psychology major for a long time
in the 90's, I took many classes and been in group talks
over many subjects, ending with the notion everyone has
their own type of normality.
Normality, Psychosis, Butterscotch waterfall and Julio? Go see the videos.

I really did not like the DSM's they seemed conservatarded even in the
90's the cure was pushed to drug, drug. I am a Humanistic Psychology type,
so my view is not good on how Psychology is in my state by the masses.
Is pushing the drugs greed? More exposing the problem in therapy is needed
than concealing it with medication.

More time in therapy needs to be spent in revealing than concealing!
"The foundation of genuine helping lies in being ordinary. Nothing special.
We can only offer ourselves, neither more nor less, to others we have in fact nothing else
to give.Anything more is conceit; anything less is robbing those in distress.
Helping demands wholeheartedness, but people find it hard to give of themselves to others.
Why? In essence we are afraid to offer ourselves for fear we will prove insufficient,
and if all that we have and are is not enough, what then? We are afraid to risk using
simply our own warmth and caring, and as a result the thousands of therapy techniques
which are becoming increasingly popular are intended to conceal rather than reveal."

Psychiatrist Allen Frances has been critical of proposed revisions
to the DSM-5. In a 2012 New York Times editorial, Frances warned that
if this DSM version is issued unamended by the APA, it will
“medicalize normality and result in a glut of unnecessary and harmful
drug prescription.” In a December 2, 2012 blog post in Psychology Today,
Frances lists the ten “most potentially harmful changes” to DSM-5:

It is the fact your degree is only valued on the paper it's printed on,
and the masses out there have Master hillbilly degrees in Psychology and
push such harmful resolve to drug the patient first, being how the pharmaceutical money
flows they say "Your, stupid, your stupid!" if you go against the BS!
Or it could be the country thinking a Special kind of stupid, backward thinking,
your smart and that makes you stupid. Your considerate so that makes you intrusive.
Country thinking relating to their master degree at their redneck college they went to
so they can say "I'm just as smart as you!" without being in the fire learning what is norm!
In a high up judgmental position without being in life, in the real type life is stupid.
Usually one that gets out in the world and sees what they learned is BS
and learns better. Education starts after school!

Your diploma is like a Olympic torch, it's a start of your education!
Like your drivers license, just because you have one doesn't mean you
know how to drive a car. You learn down the road!

I dated a lady hairdresser in the late 1990's that smoked weed and liked
to go at gay bars being she had a hard life and a death treat from a biker gang
and she felt safe at a gay bar that was her security. I'm not gay, she was not gay
it was her security to go there.

On the first date at a nice restaurant she went to the bathroom and threw-up
everywhere. Nervous, high etc she got sick, so I took that cougar back to her
environment which was the gay bar and all was ok it's her normality there.
Also had a lady tell me "We like you." "My other personality likes you and I
trust her so I'm ok with it!" Also had a co-worker that had a Corpus Callosotomy
done. With me all of those things I seen is called life experiences
that I can relate by my education I had and seen this stuff with my own eyes
and I recognize what that is.

To make anything of value you have to get out there and do it!
You can't win the lottery if you don't but a ticket!
Get yourself out of the dark ages, you can't see much in the dark!

My Psychology is from the 90' but all relates to the now.
Pointless over internet use is an addiction and paranoia on who says what
about you on Facebook is all the same as it ever was, it never will change.

This story is not meant to be inflammatory just point noted factual because
patients are human not zombies needing medication. I do say we need more
Humanistic Psychology these days. Medicines are needed but to cure not deal with it,
unless you are in that state of pure hell in that case you might need to be on such

There are other ways of getting a cure like Psychedelic Therapy. It would be the shock to
cure many without the life time of Medicines. It's worth looking at when looking at the
way life is for many with the current mindset of psychology today!

So what is normal? It's just to the fact of if people call you crazy then the judgement
of such is noted to be an issue of how educated the people around you are.
A norm in LA is not the norm in Alabama! People that call others crazy in a bad way,
don't understand life themselves.

Because the more life goes on, the more “normal” feels out of reach.
So I’ve chosen to accept the unconventional and actually feed off of it.
No one needs to approve of my life but me.
Yes, at times I have to remind myself of the benefits of the unbeaten path,
but I’ve given myself the freedom to create my own “normal.” And you know what?
It has helped me live in the moment, embrace opportunity, and accept what is.
I’m listening to myself – not the “shoulds” – about the life I want to lead.
To be clear, I’m not against the normal life by any means.
I’m sure one day I’ll be in a version of it myself.  But I do want to emphasize that in reality,
there is no normal life. There is just life. And I am sure as hell living it!

"Feeling unstable having crazy thoughts testing your limitations all the time."
Is growth it's a part in your life finding who you are.
It's finding out your normality was never normal in the first place.

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