Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Internet addiction disorder

There is a grand point and a need to ask why are you on the internet.
Does it help society? To me I do point that I post here for the beter
of society. Just because they are willing to cut off their legs to
save their toes doesn't mean others have to also and not saying anything
to point otherwise is like seeing a hit and run and saying nothing!

"We know something you don't know and if we don't share then we don't grow
unabomber will set the whole world on fire!"

So being on the internet posting here and there... Why? People never ask why?
It must be for some reason like things happen for no reason at all!
And brings up the saying doesn't have a clue to have a clue!
Why is that bad well if don't have a clue then you don't have and
that helps no one and makes the masses suffer as like the lemings
they go off the cliff not knowing they are because they have no clue!

It's just the point of people not asking why others do that?
For me I post to help others that look at my stuff for a point here and there,
ether to use a point I have for a story on their own and or.
If it helps society then all the good it's ok to post what ever it is because
it would have a meaning for a better life!

So Internet addiction is what it is without meaning to others going lower
not higher. Time and time spent for what? People need to ask why?

~~~~Problematic Internet use is also called compulsive Internet use (CIU), Internet overuse, problematic computer use, or pathological computer use (PCU), problematic Internet use (PIU), or Internet addiction disorder (IAD)). Another commonly associated pathology is video game addiction, or Internet gaming disorder (IGD).