Saturday, November 11, 2017

Alpha Females and the Bulldozing

It will happen... The bulldozing by the Alpha female.
For me when it happened I wanted to kiss her bad... I still do!!!
Looking at her eyes, lips, ears, neck as she maintained eye contact with me
the whole time. To me keen to nature a female hyena dominating the male and
the warm feeling of needs met a needed thing!!!

But there is a reason for what a Alpha does. Alpha do what Alpha does!
If someone is good for you the Alpha will decide, dominate and make 
them their own and that is a good thing as needs are met, support, love, 
balance is gained. Alpha chooses and puts the leash on the partner, boom lovers. 
Lovers love! Lovers have reasons to give balance and is the point to bulldoze 
in the first place! 

~~~~~Common Relationship Pitfalls Of Alpha Females
Being an alpha female can be a very good thing. Alpha females usually don’t wait long to order drinks, they don’t hesitate to ask for raises, they speak up when somebody wrongs them, and they walk through life with a vibe that demands respect. There are only a few instances in life when there is such thing as being too bold and too assertive, and one of them is in a relationship. Communication is key, but alpha females sometimes accidentally bulldoze their partners. There’s a reason for that; alpha females often choose more demure men to balance them out! It’s a very healthy case of opposites attracting, but sometimes, the alpha female can dominate her partner without even knowing it. If this sounds like you, don’t get mad that your partner can’t rise to the challenge that is you sometimes—you fell for him because he’s patient and even keel—but be aware of these common relationship pitfalls of alpha females.

~~~~~9. Female Alphas are the top of the hierarchy
If I had to put a label on the different most typical female roles in group settings,
here are what they would be:

Alphas: Leaders

Betas: Side-kicks or enforcers of alpha leadership.

Nu’s: The exact middle letter of the Greek Alphabet, Nu’s are fillers. They provide conversation, gossip and support for the Alpha.

Zeta’s: The jokester, comic relief, clown, goofball of the group. Most groups have a female jester.

Omega’s: (The last letter of the Greek Alphabet) The victims, the bullied, the weaklings or the “C” in a female troika are always picked on or treated with loving condescension. (See my article on Female Troikas)

Sampi’s: (An obsolete letter of the Greek Alphabet, often forgotten) The Invisibles, the forgotten girls whose quiet or shy demeanor often means they are not included or counted.

It is actually very helpful to know the female alphas in your life—or recognize if you in fact are one yourself. You will find yourself appreciating them in awkward social situations or, if you are a female alpha, avoiding other female alphas who challenge you. Do you know the female alphas in your life?

Me? I have a adaptive trait. Well I stay around Beta, Zeta, Nu.
Zeta if needed otherwise like to bring someone up otherwise I see it as disabling
yourself to others full time.

I am a Alpha if needed. Alphas cause unnecessary trouble full time.
An Alpha with a Alpha is not good for both. There needs to be a ground sometime.
Beta, Zeta, Nu is for the Alpha and not getting in their way unless it's needed
then my Alpha would come up! In that is ok as it's no threat to be for a Alphas
best interest. You are making the Alpha a better person.