Friday, January 26, 2018

Life is short, What runs your life, In the crossroads

There is the point to ask what is your insanity and to know why you
disable yourself being that way. Crossing the path to better living
is the road you may not see. In that crossroad listen to yourself!

Question what you learn because in life that helps in all ways.
Me? In High School I set my own alarm waking myself up for school
and I once went to the principal to gripe about my Teacher not teaching me enough.
So from that in college I learned you get what you put into it!
So I jumped into it! Reflecting about your road in life to say actions has others.
The Butterfly effect your insanity how it effects you and others down the road.

My past girlfriends kid got into trouble with drugs before.
We had to pick him up from jail after we got off work.
Him and her had that talk as where in the car driving home.
Him and her had that battle about being the jail life of being
someones bitch... In that never works talking about that.
So I stepped in pointing what he was doing was effecting his mom
and there needs to be a point to think about the actions of what he does.

There is that time to bust through it and fly like the Phoenix to the future
because life is too short for you and others!