Monday, January 15, 2018

Your Keys in a Fishbowl, Swinging

Back in the 90's I worked in a hotel. I found out about a swingers club. 
I called their number a few times wanting to see what it was about without knowing 
what would happen. No answer! Being in a hotel I would of fit in. Like in the 
"What happens in the hotel stays in the hotel." 
I was known from the hotel so I was ok!

Or "If it happens keep it there, don't take it to work!" I worked at a country club
for a bit. I had that talk with the banquet manager and got to read "The black book."
It is just rules for relations. As in I was warned about if a rich lady wanted to take me
to Hedonism III it was up to me but "If it happens keep it there, don't take it to work!"
Many rich women went there with a once a year lover "To get their oats" as I was told!
Well I was young with a butt and so they expected something would happen so
they warned me because of all the money in the country club. Bragging $1 billion
of worth and so if I get shagged by a rich lady "Shh Bby Is Ok!" it might be bad
ruffling feathers depending who or who's might be bad so shh! 
It was ok and expected. Nothing happened, sad, sad... but now I know! 
They where protecting the club!

At the hotel I worked at I heard from another hotel worker about something called 
the "Concorde Club" in Oklahoma. AKA Swingers club. At the time people where
partying like it's 1999! And this was just another funny thing going on at the time 
to me.

I was cleaning up after a banquet and the mic was still on and running, 
so with no customers in the room just workers I got on the mic and said,
"The first annual meeting of the Concorde Club is now in session
the honorable **** presiding!" and went boom, boom with a coffee cup.
This guy and his wife poked their heads in the room and looked at me he said
"He said it!" And she looked sort of disused and shocked that I said it.
I guess they knew about it also! It was just too funny for me but told them

Also funny and close to the story here. I got a call from a worker at another hotel
laughing hysterically. His hotel had a something going on with ads in the paper etc.
"Swingers Club!" It was a swing dance club!!!! And he said people where comming
in looking around then they would leave. This was happening over and over again!
So he called me and I came over so see this and sure enough more people came in
and took off! It's just something that hit me as funny. People are human and
thats a good thing! Thinking about it they did have a Fishbowl at a table in front.
It was tickets for a prize but still! If I see a fishbow l can not say I won't 
drop my keys in it needing to hear that "Shh Bby Is Ok!"

~~~~~News blooper: Global Calgary anchors lose it over ‘swinging’ mistake
Global Calgary meteorologist Jordan Witzel could barely keep it together on 
Tuesday when he thought Canadians were being encouraged to swap sexual partners.

Witzel was introducing the ParticiPACTION 150 Play List activity of the day but became confused when he saw the activity was “swinging,” mistaking it for something other than the playground pastime.

Witzel’s mix-up caused anchors Scott Fee and Amber Schinkel to dissolve into laughter.

Note, swingers is a "Is A Broad Umbrella Term." It's what the agreement is about.
Who, is who, to who. Swingers is not only sex as all things have a reason!
It needs to be looked at like group therapy as the point is to be better not worse!