Thursday, January 18, 2018

Sorry but I run because life is too short

As many know I am a lover of life and I see love as no boundaries.
No matter how fucked up it might seem... In value life is short for not
being fucked up. My past loves where far out there, so the value of love,
love missed and regret, rules. I have to teach for others to know to make that effort!

Why? I talked to a girl at work about a half hawk once. And she smiled at me.
You have to understand I fall in love easy! She was 18 and so I thought about it
she was young for me but that was ok. Well in reality I should of hooked up with
her because she ended up being killed. This is one of those things that
is in my life the asked question, would I of saved her if she was with me?
Yes I would of put her in a better environment. I didn't know at the time but it hurts!

Thinking about something without emotions blocking the thought.
I hit on a lady once only afterwards finding out she is going through a divorce.
I didn't know! But I hope thinking about it she knows she has value and not
a piece of crap. Damn she was not even divorced yet and has a guy interested!
Damn she's good! But life is strange like that! I am interested! 
We both hurt and life is too short!

I also fell for another lady that I got hit by cupid with I seen her jump up and
down venting a few times. I was in a room once and I heard her walk on a cat
walk outside the building I knew it was her I recognized her walk. My ears got 
pointed and my tail got fluffy! I pulled up my pants and said hi when she came in
the building. As she was leaving I asked her if she was coming back to my building. 
Yes I was begging her. Please come back!!! It's love!

As for me I still support my EX wife being her life is too short. She is 73 and has 
health issues so she may not be around long. She is my EX and we don't get along but
I support her. Love is not finite. I'm 48!

And I also fell for a married gypsy lady, that I need in my life also. 
She ran over my toes and almost me by accident. And appropriately
I got on my knees and begged her to come back, I love her!
It brings up the point when is my time up? Life is short to not love!

Polyamory! Life is too short to put boundaries on love, you are just hurting
yourself and others also. There is the point to love and support being it's worth!
No man is an island. No one is self-sufficient; everyone relies on others.
We all are not islands! Deep and needed things to think about as the song.