Saturday, January 13, 2018

My past life memory relating to Cuttlefish behavior

This is something I do find funny. I have a past life memory as a fish!
A Pikaia from the Cambrian Period and more? Well yes I do!

But also relating is my personality trait is plasticity! I change to needs and 
I'm entertaining in a challenge. Might be the same as the Cuttlefish
relating to my past life into today?

Personality traits are the spice of life. As I say about myself a lot, my trait is being  
flexible sort of with plasticity! I change if needed to Alpha, Beta, Nu or Zeta.
I will fit in and if in a bad time I will be Alpha as in the time at a Hotel I worked at
the Banquet manager nicely quit and being she was also running the hotel and
being everyone was in a training camp in another state at the time, I kicked in!
Until they put the security guy in charge after his time off. But the boss let me 
run it till then. So yes I am capable from jumping from Zeta to Alpha,
boom if needed!

So relating to my past life memory and the trait of the Cuttlefish it seems
to reflect of how I am and for me i'm not surprised!

Also Psychedelics do make us grow. It helps to repair the brain or jump starts 
the brain in a early age in a therapist supervised session. 
Noting a homeless person slipped me LSD when I was a kid
I acknowledge that it might of helped me in my multiple intelligences that set
my thinking in a multiple format. Or brought me questions and set me on a path
as I wondered what the hell that was. Either way Growth!

Also as a kid I have to mention that when I was a kid my "Object Permanence" 
happened far sooner than expected. I am advanced in that cognitive stage when 
I was a kid. I remember playing ball and slightly seeing the ball go under a couch.
I knew it was out of sight so it was gone to me but also knew it went under there.
My first paradox in life!

So I put my hand under the couch not sure if my hand would disappear and I felt
something and I pulled it out and when I looked at it. It was my ball and at that 
moment it set off a something like a seizure. I remember shaking bad, like my 
neurons had a massive connection wire up at that moment, like a PC reboot. 
Boom, boom norm, just like that. 

We all have a bit of the Cambrian Period in us being the ability to
breath air. How did we breath air if there was nothing but fish in the sea
back then? Anyway these things make me ponder the meaning of life!