Friday, August 5, 2016

Economic Growth at $7 an hour

For me I get tired of people wanting less government when the mass
has stagnate wages and rely on government because they can't rely
on their own pay to live. People that make noting have nothing relying
on government for something.

Well if the economic growth is slow tell those people out there
in office to stop fighting wage growth. Why impoverish your consumers?
They stay home a lot from that so how does people making $7 help
the growth. And people wonder why it's slow look at wage growth.
Work hard make the same paycheck, not matching inflation!

Expecting the prices of the merchandise to match the low pay is not
realistic being nothing stays the same. How is a business to grow if
they have to keep their prices low to match the poverty wages.
Not even to say you make nothing so you pay nothing so the masses
relying on government because they make wages from the 80's
at $5 an hour there would be not much tax dollars to help.

So why want less government help when you can't help yourself?
The economic growth is bad! Then stop fighting wages!
Look at your paycheck stub Obama's name is no where on it,
Obama don't give you money to spend at stores.

Well how does a store make money if no one spends money!
I agree you should work your low wages!
"At the same time, any proposals that increase economic growth without
also finding ways to make sure that growth translates into higher wages
won’t benefit the vast majority of Americans. Otherwise, the current break
between productivity and pay will simply continue."

***But note if you get a raise then spend what you earn put more money into society!